MP! Reacts: Is this Nathan Sykes’ most shocking video yet?

The only place you’ll be able to catch Nathan Sykes new music video for ‘Give It Up‘ is here (and YouTube etc duh) because it’s been banned from TV!

giphy (94)

Shocking right, we can’t even watch it on the comfort of our own giant screen. We decided to investigate the video and give you our reaction, because we know you value it so much. Before you start, just to let you know, things get a little hot and heavy, enjoy.

Hell yes it is shocking. We wouldn’t recommend watching it with parents, it could get just a little awkward. We do love that Nathan has gone with a more grown-up approach though. What do you think of the video then, does it float your boat? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop and send a Nathan gif along too.


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