This special treat that Nathan Sykes organised for his fans will restore your faith in humanity

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Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all, but then a pop star can still surprise you.


In July Nathan Sykes decided to take opportunity to get closer to his fans and launch a project called ‘Get Syked’, which involved surprising fans with fab prizes. But the twist was that fans would have to nominate other fans to win.

The fandom went into overdrive. How would Nathan choose his winners? What would the surprises be? Who would we nominate?


Each nomination encouraged fans to show why a certain person should win. The positivity didn’t stop there, with fans helping each other across the globe to boost the most deserving fans. It must be pretty heart-warming to see your fans come together to achieve a similar goal.


The ultimate goal here was to either meet or receive a message from the man himself. Let’s just say when Nathan takes on a fan project he goes large. One of the prizes was to spend a day with Nathan, Mickey and Minnie at Disney World. OMFG imagine!


You could have also seen him perform live and meet the man himself. If you were lucky enough to attend the New York show in Jul, you would have also been able to brag to your mates about how you were there when the singer just casually announced his album release date and title.

Nathan also arranged phone-calls with fans, sending birthday cards and even sent postcards whilst on holiday. The aim of this project, was to bring fan closer to the singer and inviting them to be part of the start of his journey as a solo artist.


Isn’t Nathan sweet? He truly is the nice guy of pop!

If you feel like honouring Nathan, here’s your chance. We are creating a ‘Book of Positivity’ to celebrate the release of Nathan’s debut solo album ‘Unfinished Business’. Nathan’s management have agreed to give him the book directly. We are accepting fan art, messages, anything. Click on the image below to get involved!


While you’re at it you could also join our Louis Tomlinson birthday fan book project!


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