Nathan Sykes has been talking about his debut album and it makes us so excited we could pee.

We’re still completely buzzing after Nathan Sykes’ secret show on Sunday and the fact he’s talking about his debut album isn’t helping our excitement simmer down.

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Talking to SOUNDS magazine, Nathan talked about the sound of his album, saying:

“It’s been called soulful pop, but I think you can expect quite a varied album within that genre. There’s some really light-hearted, funky and playful moments, and then there’s some more deep, pouring-my-heart-out moments.”

He added: “I think everyone’s going to have a different favourite song off the album. I really tested myself vocally, because I think for the first time I was able to go, ‘Cool, I’m going to try and do this.’ So I’ve ended up with quite an experimentally-vocal album that I’m incredibly proud of.”

He then went on to discuss his experience he’s already had in the music industry:

“I started with the band at the age of 16 and I’ve learnt so much about music – not just as an artist and a performer, but also about the industry itself and how everything works. I think my understanding of everything and the way the music industry clicks together in a unique way is probably the main thing I’ll take from that.”

Anyone else bouncing with excitement right now? Because we are. We cannot wait! Tweet us @maximumpop how excited you are and let’s listen to ‘Kiss Me Quick’ on repeat.

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