Here’s what we think Nathan Sykes’ debut album is called

Nathan Sykes‘ album will be upon us very soon (hopefully), but for some reason Nath won’t tell us what it’ll be called, because apparently we already know!

tumblr_mevtpimdzl1rtr8v7“I have a name for the album. I haven’t said yet but I do have a name, I’m just not saying at the moment. To be fair I think everyone already knows what it is, because I’ve made it really obvious.” So we know it huh? We’ve done a little investigating and here are the names we think his debut album could be called.

1) ‘Over and Over Again‘ – It could be the name of his biggest solo single?

large (1)

2) ‘Give It Up‘ – Or his newest single? Maybe that’s more fitting


3) ‘Live That Life’ – This picture sparked some rumours of the album name being ‘Live That Life’


4) ‘Born to Dance’ – Naming it after this treasure, aw baby Nath

5) ‘Ariana Grande’ – A whole album dedicated to his ex-bae (our current bae 5eva)


6) ‘Silhouette’ – This one has been a big contender with Nathan tweeting and Instagraming the word quite a lot


A photo posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathansykes) on

7) ‘Calm Before The Storm’ – Another popular one, he has Instagramed this before too

The calm before the storm …

A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathansykes) on

8) ‘All Time Low’ – A throwback to his first single as The Wanted, too cute


9) ‘Tea’ – Short, simple and named after his one true love

nath tea

10) ‘Sunset’ – We’re not too sure many people have clocked onto this one but he does post an awful lot of photos of sunsets, maybe it’s a clue?


A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathansykes) on

11) ‘Manchester United’ – Supporting his footy team musically would be a little strange tbh


12) ‘Starbucks’ – If Nathan isn’t drinking tea, it’s Starbucks


13) ‘Kiss Me Quick‘ – Another single title he could possibly use


14) ‘Nathan Sykes’ – A simple self-titled debut album, classic

giphy (14)

‘Silhouette’ and ‘Calm Before The Storm’ are definitely the biggest contenders there, but he could surprise us all with it simply being titled ‘Nathan Sykes.’ Which one do you think it is? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know, Nath might spill the beans then.

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