How on earth has Nathan Sykes managed to say so grounded? That’ll be because of his mummy

Nathan Sykes has credited his incredible bond with his mother for his ability to stay grounded even after all these years of being one of our pop faves. Awwwww!


Nathan told The Huffington Post about how having millions of adoring fans around the world doesn’t make him feel any superior.

You know what, it doesn’t really… it’s such a buzz. It’s so exciting to have that many people enjoy your music, but what I mean by ‘it doesn’t really,’ is that I don’t treat it like ‘oh, look how many people we’ve got at this gig.’ It’s more like, ‘oh, this is awesome.’ I try and stay the most grounded and humble person on the planet and that’s down to my team and my family.”

And it’s specifically down to Mummy Sykes…

“I still live with my mum. She’ll sit there and look at me for, like, 15 minutes. She’ll watch me make a cup of tea and she’ll just sit there and watch me, and make small talk.”

Nathan’s mum has told him exactly why she does it: “I’m just making sure you haven’t changed. If ever I saw that you’d got a bit cocky or carried away, or too excited about what’s happening in your life I would tell you straight.”

We’ll be letting you know as well, Nath, alright?

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