Big Interview: MP! caught up with Nat Wolff for a bit of natter about making people cry, smashing trophies and how he spent his free time in London!

We all read the book, we all cried over the book…and then we cried a little bit more. The Fault in Our Stars finally hits the big screen in UK cinemas today – pretty darn exciting stuff! (Warning: you might cry some more…) MP! Caught up with actor Nat Wolff while he was in London for a bit of chinwag about trophy smashing, how he spends his spare time in London and of course…crying.

MP!: Hello Nat Wolff! How are you?

Nat: I’m good how are you?

MP!: Well thank you. First things first, how does it feel that you’re going to make a lot of grown men and women cry?

Nat: Well, it’s always been my dream to make as many people cry as possible, yeah so I used to do it by just being mean to as many people as I could, and now I try to just be in movies, tear jerkers.

MP!: Okay cool, that’s a good tactic. When you were little, is that what you wanted to do?

Nat: Well yeah when I was little I just hit other kids and did stuff that would just make people cry, now I just try to get in with only movies that are tear jerkers.

MP!: Now the film is brilliant, it’s amazing. Can you sum up the plot in maybe a sentence?

Nat: Um, it’s a cancer. It’s a movie about cancer and tragedy. Oh, let me start again. It’s a movie about love and hope in the face of tragedy, BOOM.

MP!: When I watched it I think I felt pretty much every emotion, you know, funny bits, fear, love, sadness, happiness..

Nat: Did you feel jealous?

MP!: Urrm, not so much jealous at many points! Although of the love perhaps…By the end I was sort of just a wreck, but did you know when you were making it that it was going to be a special film?

Nat: I knew it yeah, I mean I loved the book so much, I loved the script, I did a movie with Josh (the director) before, he’s a genius, I knew it was going to be something special. I didn’t know that it was going to be such a massive success. I could tell on set it was going to be artistically a success, but I didn’t know commercially, so it’s amazing that both those things happened.

MP!: That’s cool, when you’re working on set, were there any moments where you guys were bringing it to life and the crew were in tears?

Nat: Yeah we had a guy named Crazy Steve…I think his name was just Steve.

MP!: Does he know he’s called Crazy Steve?

Nat: Nah he’s not really called Crazy Steve, I told the story in an interview and I just said Crazy Steve, I don’t know why! He came up to us and said: “Thanks man, thanks. It’s great to know you guys are putting in this much.” It’s amazing to hear that from a guy in the crew, cause a lot of the time the crew don’t even get to watch the scenes, cause their jobs are outside.

MP!: And am I right in thinking John Green the author was there for a fair bit?

Nat: John Green was there crying at every scene, even the funny ones.

MP!: Cool, that’s got to fill you with confidence when the author is crying?!

Nat: It did, and it’s great to have somebody who’s, and I mean this in a totally positive way, like a cheerleader, you feel supported. The other great thing is that we were all worried the fans of the book were going to be unhappy, then we just put that out of our minds and once John was happy we just figured everybody else would be happy.

MP!: Yeah cool, good attitude. Let’s talk about Isaac as well, your character he’s sort of Gus’ best mate and he gets close with Hazel as well – what would you say he’s like? How would you describe him?

Nat: I would say Isaac introduced them at the cancer support group, he’s blind in one eye, then goes blind in the other and gets dumped in the same week. He’s kind of dealing with these 2 tragedies, but he deals with it in a funny way, he’s really dramatic and really funny.

MP!: You got to do some fun scenes as well a big one where you smashed a lot of trophies. What did they say to you before you did that? Could you just let rip?

Nat: Yeah that was so cool! We were at somebodies house and they said hit this part, this part and this. Then they waited 4 hours for me to shoot and by they time we shot I couldn’t remember any of the places, I just smashed wherever I wanted and then they came up like, you smashed all the wrong places. Smash this, this, this and this. Then I smashed the right places and it was never as good as the first take, so that’s the one they used, the first take.

MP!: Has it given you a little sort of tease for smashing things in general? Like do you wanna smash more things now?

Nat: That’s a good one, I haven’t been asked that yet. Yeah it was too cathartic and awesome.

MP!: Assuming that trophies is up there, what’s your second favourite scene?

Nat: Right I would say the eulogy scene, obviously I wasn’t giving a eulogy to anybody, but it was my last day on set and my last day with Shai, Ansel, Josh and working with all the people that I loved from Fox and the crew. It was my last day saying goodbye to everybody, so it had a lot of personal weight to it.

MP!: How did you bring it to life, because obviously it’s quite a young cast and I’m guessing not many of you have been through those kinds of things. Did you speak to people who helped you out or?

Nat: Yeah I met with a guy named Ethan. He went blind when he was 19 and his girlfriend dumped him at the same time, he was just really funny and really angry, I got a lot from him, he meant a lot to me. I also went to a bunch of cancer hospitals for teens and I met some kids, you talk to them and in 5 minutes you’re talking about movies, TV shows and books. It’s no different, it’s just like everybody else and that’s what we wanted to capture in the movie, these kids are not defined by their cancer they’re just teenagers.

MP!: How about Ansel and Shaileen you guys are pretty tight right?

Nat: Yeah I love those guys, Ansel and I lived in apartments right next to each other so we’d play each other music. He’s an edm producer and I’d play my songs on guitar, we hung out in his apartment, because I was really messy and he was really clean. Then Shai and I would go on like long walks and stuff, she’s just a brilliant actress.

MP!: Cool, sounds wicked! Have you got any time left in London? What are you going to do whilst you’re here?

Nat: Today I went to Big Ben, the London Eye and the palace. We walked around and got lunch in the park – it was nice.

MP!: Nice, one thing I would recommend, the waxwork museum, which is waxworks of famous people.

Nat: I went there when I was like 7 years old.

MP!: Oh cool! Now you can go there and just freeze cause you’re famous. People will come up to you and you can jump in their face and scare them!

Nat: Doesn’t Leonardo Dicaprio do that?

MP!: Yeah he’s there often.

Nat: He spends most of his time when he’s not working just hanging out with waxworks.

MP!: Yeah strange man, but lovely man.

Well thanks for chatting to us Nat! If that wasn’t enough for you, you can check out Nat lobbing some eggs as Isaac in the trailer below. We totally haven’t been watching it every day up until the release or anything…

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