9 times Nat Luurtsema made us want to ask ‘is dis u?’

Nat Luurtsema’s ‘Girl Out of Water’ is so brilliantly funny, we can’t stop recommending it to everyone, and anyone. (You should deffo read it. We highly recommend it!)


But we’re also pretty solid fans of the author too. Here’s why:

1. The writers among you will appreciate this organised chaos that is plotting and planning:

2. And this is probably you. Don’t deny it.

3. And also proving that just because she’s a total queen when it comes to all things writerly, acterly and directorly (made up words, soz), it does not mean that everything is plain sailing.

We’ve done this. #bakeoff can make cake look easy to master…

4. Is dis u?

5. Is DIS u? Srsly?

6. But… is dis u?

7. Dealing with the weird weather… is dis u?

8. Uh, dis u?

9. Finally… IS DIS U?

Well, even if it is or isn’t, you can get your copy of ‘Girl Out of Water’ right here. Sweet!





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