View the Thrilling Saga of Narry Genital Touching in GIF form. Yep, you read that right.

Have you taken our quiz to find out which One Direction ship you are yet? If you haven’t then what are you waiting for? If you already have and scored Narry – or secretly wish you had – then you might want to let your eyes have a little wander below as we think we have something that you might just be interested.

It’s a tale of groping, stroking, and maybe even a little pinching. It’s the Thrilling Saga of Narry Genital Touching. But without boring you with chapters upon chapters of words, we’ve nipped this one in the bud with four GIFs. That’s right, you get to see all the action!

tumblr_nu60umdLyR1qg6znno1_500 tumblr_nu60umdLyR1qg6znno2_250 tumblr_nu60umdLyR1qg6znno3_500 tumblr_nu60umdLyR1qg6znno4_500


Isn’t this exactly what Tumblr was made for?

Have we missed any gropes? Let us know over on @maximumpop.

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