VOTE: Who do you ship Nancy Wheeler from ‘Stranger Things’ with?

Let’s be honest here, since we finished binging ‘Stranger Things‘ on Netflix, our lives have been pretty empty and meaningless. The show gave us some seriously creepy 80s vibes and now we’re praying we don’t have to wait a whole year until Season 2. To pass the time, we want to know which potential pairing you ship hardest in the form of our beautiful Nancy Wheeler.


The season started with Nancy getting freaky with Steve Harrington, but by midway through she was fighting creepy-ass monsters with outcast Jonathan Byers. And although the season ended with Steve and Nancy seemingly together, there was definitely something flying when our girl Nance gave Byers that Christmas pressie.

But this isn’t about guessing who you think she’ll end up with; this is about who you ship her the hardest with. Will it be bad boy Steve of mysterious Jonathan?

Cast your vote and leave in the comments who you’re completely in love with.

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