‘This is a teens dream come true book!’ MP!er Kelly reviews Eleanor Wood’s ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend.’

We’ve all dreamt about the possibility of our favourite popstar being our boyfriend or girlfriend, we’re just waiting for Harry Styles to pick up the phone and give us a call. Eleanor Wood’s ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ delves into the realms of Tuesday’s dreams coming true… Jessica gives her thoughts on the book.

KellyName: Kelly McFarland

Age: 26

Who is your dream rockstar boyfriend? Danny O’Donoghue or Louis Tomlinson. Would love for those two write a song together, could you imagine the feels?

Can you tell us the plot of ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ in a Tweet please?
Blog loving girl is shocked when her old famous rock star crush stumbles across it and begins talking to her. Cue a long blog post.

Would the cover make you pick up the book in a shop?
I honestly don’t think I would pick this up in a shop as the cover seems aimed at younger demographic,which does a complete disservice to the book and the author,who has created a novel which could be enjoyed by older audiences too.

Did you feel like you could relate to Tuesday’s character?
She had a self-deprecating personality that you just couldn’t help but enjoy and I couldn’t help but to relate to her as writer myself,her blog was a means to express herself.

Rockstar BFWhat was the best bit?
The best bit for me was when Tuesday met her rock star reader, as we didn’t know if it was really him or someone pretending to be him. It was a lovely moment when it turned out he was who he said. It made me happy as a reader and I could really relate to Tuesday.

Was there anything you didn’t like?
Her friends. Her friend Rishi was a horrible character and I questioned why Tuesday was still friends with her as all they did was talk down to her and walk all over her.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
This is a great read. Especially for people who have blogs now and hope that their idols would some day maybe see it. This is truly a teen’s dream come true book. I found Eleanor’s author’s note at the end,where she explains how she came to write the book particularly lovely as you could tell she had once been in Tuesday’s shoes herself.

Can’t wait to get a copy? You can buy one here for just £3.85.

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