‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Series 2 Episode 1 review. We’ve had a first-watch of the brand new series!

The first series of ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ won massive ratings, awards, and a place on MP!’s Must Watch list. Brutally honest, well acted and outrageously funny, with some of the best one-liners on the box, we fell in love with Rae, Chloe, Finn, Archie, Chop, Izzy, Tix and even Rae’s rather strange mum. So there’s a lot to live up to when Series 2 arrives next month.

So good news then, as Maximum Pop!’s had a sneaky exclusive look at the first episode of Series 2 and it only takes a few seconds, someone having their muff manhandled, Finn in the shower, and a camping-trip gone wrong to know 100% for certain that MMFD continues to be The Best Thing On TV. Are Finn and Rae still loved up? How will the guys handle their first day at college? And most worrying of all, what happened to Tix? If we give anything away we’re going to get a bashing from the folks at E4. But we can guarantee there’s massive laughs, big surprises and more shocks than a battery-testing factory, all in Episode 1.

The 8-episode second series of ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ will return in February on E4. We’ll let you know the date when it’s announced.

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