MP!er Tayler stayed up way too late reading ‘My Life Next Door’ because she needed to see how it developed.

‘My Life Next Door’ by Huntley Fitzpatrick is a cute and adorable YA romance with an actual boy next door, plus his fun loving family. This is the perfect book to delve into and just not stop. But don’t take our word for it, read on below to see what MP!er Tayler thought.

Name: Tayler Norrie

Have you read anything by Huntley Fitzpatrick before? If not, are you more likely to now?/ If you have, how does this compare? This was my first time reading a book by Huntley Fitzpatrick and it certainly will not be the last one! I found her writing flows so easily and makes the book such a quick, enjoyable read.

Samantha Reed lives in the perfect house with a white picket fence, crystal clean interior, and her senator mother. Jase Garrett lives with his many siblings in a cluttered, rowdy, cheerful house that Mrs Reed does not approve of. Samantha was never allowed to play with the Garrett children when she was younger and always watched in fascination at how freely the children played – things were very different in her house. Throughout this book we see a relationship between not only Jase and Samantha grow but a relationship between Samantha and all of the Garretts.

Can you describe ‘My Life Next Door’ in 3 words? To describe this book in three words would be: romance, summer and discovery.

Which member of the Garrett family was your favourite? My favourite member of the Garrett family, besides Jase for obvious reasons, has to be Alice. I love this feisty girl, she clearly loves her siblings and wants to protect them and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. I love this!

Take a moment to gush/rant about Samantha and Jase’s relationship. I loved nearly every part of Samantha and Jase’s relationship, I enjoyed watching them slowly grow closer and how much she enjoyed spending time with him and his family. Huntley Fitzpatrick didn’t rush their relationship which resulted in me staying up far too late reading just to see how the relationship would develop! The only down side was of course the drama near the end, without spoiling the plot I did not like the way Samantha totally shut Jase out without any explanation. Although I understand this was a difficult and confusing time for her, I feel she could have handed it differently.

We love Huntley’s writing! Can you remember your favourite line or scene? My favourite scene of this book was actually the very first. We got to see straight away the two polar opposite families. Fitzpatrick gave us a great idea of what Samantha’s life was like even as a child, perfectly perfect. We then moved onto the Garretts, “I pressed my face to the gaps in the slats, watching in amazement as two parents and five children spilled from the sedan, like a clown car at the circus”. We get to see right away the energy they have and just how different they are from the Reeds.

Rate out of 10. Out of ten I would have to give it a 9/10, a perfect light, YA romance read that everyone can enjoy. All the characters are certainly interesting and the story keeps you hooked!

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