MP!er Belinda read ‘My Life Next Door’ and found it “completely adorable”.

Need a dreamy, summer romance to get you through the winter months? ‘My Life Next Door’ might be for you. Check out what MP!er Belinda thought of it below.

Name: Belinda Lewsley

Have you read anything by Huntley Fitzpatrick before? If not, are you more likely to now?/ If you have, how does this compare? If I’m honest, I’d never actually heard of her before reading this! I may read her books in future if I’m in the mood for something a little more lighthearted than the types of books I’m used to reading.

Can you describe ‘My Life Next Door’ in 3 words? Cute, awkward, sweet.

Which member of the Garrett family was your favourite? With so many to choose from, it’s a hard choice! GEORGE!!!! Although I found Tim to be the most interesting character in general. I know he’s not a Garrett but still.

Take a moment to gush/rant about Samantha and Jase’s relationship. Their story was completely adorable, maybe a little predictable but very cute. But I found Tim to be a more interesting character so I would like a book about him in future!

We love Huntley’s writing! Can you remember your favourite line or scene? I hope this isn’t a spoiler (it isn’t really I suppose) but I do like the line, “The Garretts were my bedtime story, long before I ever thought I’d be part of the story myself”.

Rate out of 10. Seeing as I enjoyed it despite it being a genre I don’t always like, I’d give it 8.

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