MP!er Caroline loves ‘My Life Next Door’ and how opposites attract

‘My Life Next Door’ is the ultimate, swoon-worthy summer romance. What actually happens when the boy who lives next door, who you’ve always been watching across the fence, actually climbs up onto your terrace? Find out what MP!er Caroline thought of it below.

Name: Caroline Fowler

Have you read anything by Huntley Fitzpatrick before? If not, are you more likely to now?/ If you have, how does this compare? I have never read a book by Huntley Fitzpatrick but I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for a book. I will definitely be reading another book by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

Can you describe ‘My Life Next Door’ in 3 words? The three words I would use to describe ‘My life Next Door’ are epic, amazing, romance.

Which member of the Garrett family was your favourite? With so many to choose from it’s a hard choice! My favourite characters were all of them. They were all special in their own ways but there was one who reminded me of my own daughter, and that was Alice. She was walking around with her dyed hair,  all different colours, a true individual, rebellious in her appearance.

Take a moment to gush/rant about Samantha and Jase’s relationship. I love the whole concept of Samantha and Jase’s relationship as they are total opposites and I just find it all so romantic and sweet. It amazes me how opposites attract.

We love Huntley’s writing! Can you remember your favourite line or scene? My favourite scene is when Samantha catches her mother kissing a man on the doorstep like a teenager. I think it’s something everyone can relate to – all the snatched kisses when you’re younger!

Rate out of 10. 10/10

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