5 things we learnt about the music industry from ‘Love Song’ by Sophia Bennett

‘Love Song’ by Sophia Bennett follows Nina, the new PA for the fiancee to one of the hottest boys on the planet: The Point’s lead singer. Now, she’s on tour with The Point and getting a crash course to the music industry. Here are a few things we learned from the crazy world of pop stars from Sophia’s fab book:

1 The industry is very small – you’re always bumping into the same people at events and meetings. Can be awkward if you’ve had a falling out or a past relationship with someone, but for Nina, it’s quite comforting to see the same friendly faces.


2 The music business may seem very exclusive and inaccessible at first, but once you’re allowed in, you’ll soon be hobnobbing with the stars! Nina may have needed to save the life of the lead singer’s fiancee, but after that, she’s invited to after parties, gigs –  the works.


3 Pop stars are just like us (only better looking). They have good days and bad days, and sometimes they just need a friend they can count on. Nina quickly learns that the boys from The Point aren’t all they seem – they’ve got real problems and insecurities despite being worshipped all over the world.


4 Pop stars get loads of free stuff. Every brand wants them to use their products or wear their clothes, and that means as long as you’re famous, you can blag almost anything. Jamie’s fiancee, Sigrid, gets loads of freebies because she’ll post them on her Instagram – pretty sweet deal.


5 Don’t believe what you read in the papers. The stories are often hilariously wrong! But if it sells, they’ll print it anyway. Jame Maldon, the lead singer for The Point, is constantly on his toes in interviews, for fear that his opinion could be misconstrued.


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Written by Laura Fulton

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