11 apps that should be on any music fangirl’s home screen

Are you one of those people who is completely and utterly obsessed with music? Do you dream music? Do you annoy your friends by bursting into song every five minutes?


We feel you.

And tbh you need to get on every single one of these apps right now. Prepare to download. Let’s go!


Ever wanted to dress like Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande in their music videos. Well, now you can with Blingby! The app allows you to stream videos and buy the stuff in the video at the same time. You can even rent the location and get the full experience of being in a music video. bInspired!



Text whatever you want, pick your music and Ditty sings your message for you! You can also record and sing your own songs which are completely shareable on social media.



Sounds is ab fab! You can share music with friends on Instagram and Snapchat and listen to millions of songs! It combines your fave artists with your fave apps.



This app is more of a way of life than anything else. You can discover, explore and share the music around you, and even find the name of that song stuck in your head by singing or humming.



Quite simply, Musixmatch is the one of the biggest catalogues of song lyrics in the world, and it will make your life 234% better.


Lucky Voice Karaoke

Instant karaoke party, anyone? If you love to belt out those high notes, or if you just love making your friends suffer this is the app for you. It can be used on latops, phones whatever and there are amazing ready-made playlists. SO JUST SING DAMMIT!


TuneIn Radio

If you’re addicted to radio then you have to download TuneIn Radio. You get to listen to thousands of stations from all over the world and on demand podcasts. Come to mama…



If you’re sick of paying booking fees for gigs you need Dice in your life.



You’ll never miss a band again! And you can discover new artists. Bandsintown is any dedicated gig-goers best friend.



If it seems like you can never get tickets for gigs because they’re sold out, or that you’re always missing out, then Skiddle is a great choice. They notify you when artists you love are performing nearby and allow you to book on the app often without booking fees. You also have more flexibility to sell tickets or get refunds.



If you want to become a pop star this is the perfect app for you! With Starmaker you can sing, record and share your own music videos. You can also discover other musicians.


Which app are you most excited to download? Leave a comment in the box below.

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Written by David Farrell

David is the Head of Content at Maximum Pop!

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Now head of all things content, David takes being a music fanboy to a whole new level, and can often be found dancing like there's nobody watching to 'Shout Out To My Ex', obsessing over Lauren Jauregui and defending Taylor Swift's honour.

David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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