App Review: Musations – Get totes emosh through the power of music.

We’re always on the lookout for a new phone wotsits to wile away the hours when we should be doing something more productive (ahem) and we reckon we’ve found one with the delightful ‘Musations’, an app where you can share music and lyrics with your friends depending on your mood and the situation. Sounds like a larf, right?

So how does it work? Basically, choose a song that represents how you’re feeling at that precise moment, mix up the lyrics and send messages to friends and followers alike. Simples. *thumbs up emojis*


See what we did there? This app is RIFE with potential for musical pun-age.

The app itself has a cool 37 million (!) songs to choose from but you can also use songs from your own music library in order to create your own ‘musations’. You can also steal and ‘repitch’ (the musation equivalent of retweeting) musations from other friends that happen to take your fancy.

stereo kicks

You can have the chats and the ‘bants’ with one or more peeps via the app as well as seeing what your fave celebs are creating and having a sneaky follow as well. There are several categories of musations to choose from so you can check out featured ones and trending ones, just like twitter. You can also make your profile public or private if you only wanna share your ‘musations’ with your nearest and dearest.

Sold yet? If not, why not have a gander at our very own MP! roving reporter Luke Franks testing out the app with none other than his own mum, displaying some mad rhyming skillz to rival the likes of Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. Outstanding.

The app is available to download now and better yet, it’s FREEEEE. Now you’ve no excuse not to get mus-ating!

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