The NewTube Interview: We talk to MrComedySam about Summer in the City, his YouTube inspirations and getting into uni!

YouTube is such a huge community that has been building rapidly for ten years. We always hear about Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr and the like, but what about other cool content creators who we should know about?

We’re interviewing less mainstream YouTubers that we think you definitely need to know about and love just as much as we do! We’ve spoken to MrComedySam who has 6K subscribers and had a chat about his experience with YouTube.

What sort of content do you post?
On YouTube I post mainly comedy related videos! Occasionally, I will also post motivational videos and even music videos to some of my favourite songs!

What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?
My inspiration to start YouTube came mainly from Mazzi Maz who, at the time, posted weekly comedy videos. I noticed how much he enjoyed doing what he did and I thought I would just give it a try!

What YouTubers do you admire?
My main inspirations on YouTube are Mazzi Maz, FunForLouis and LukeIsNotSexy. I admire these Youtubers because, not only do they post great content which i could only dream of creating! They have also all had a similar past to me.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
Confident, Weird, Hyperactive, Understanding, Unique.

If you could collab with anyone in YouTube, who would it be and why?I would love to collaborate with Mazzi Maz as both me and him have a very similar personality! I remember meeting him in August 2014 at Summer In The City and we got along really well! (He even followed me on Twitter and subscribed me me on YouTube! eek!!!)

What is something we absolutely need to know about you?
You absolutely need to know what happened in my past. I will not go into detail with it here, but a future video will be made talking about it. I feel that as YouTube is a huge part of my life, I need to share why I am who I am on there, if you get me?

What can we expect from you in the near future?
In the near future you can except more relatable videos, more music videos and maybe more travel vlogs!

What are your goals for your channel?
My channel was created for me to have fun whilst also learn a few things! My main goal with my channel has already been achieved actually! Getting into the University of my dream (MediaCityUK) with an unconditional offer all due to my YouTube channel! Besides this, my other goal is to help out as many people as i can with issues concerning depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

What tips do you have for people considering to start their own YouTube channel?
Be yourself! Your channel is what you make it! Not what everybody else wants or demands (unless you ask for another opinion obviously!). Ignore every single bit of hate that you get (Don’t forget, haters make you famous!) Most of all! Do NOT do YouTube to get “famous” as people will pick up on this and start to dislike your content, do YouTube to interact with others and also for your own personal gain!

This or That: 

Concert or Festival?

Live in Harry Potter’s world or live a famous lifestyle?
Harry Potter!

Trip in front of someone famous or sneeze on your crush?
Trip in front of someone famous

Baby Food Challenge or Cinnamon Challenge?
Cinnamon Challenge!

Punk Rock or Punk Pop? 
Punk Pop!

Check out Sam’s channel, follow his Twitter and stalk his life on Instagram. Know any NewTubers we should be aware of? Tweet us @maximumpop and we’ll check them out!

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