MP!er Shriya reviews ‘Finding Audrey’: “very easy to read, any young adult will relate to Audrey somehow”

We love ‘Finding Audrey’ here at MP!. It’s sweet, it’s fun, and the cover is just awesome. Who knew green stripes and yellow went so well together?

It’s about anxiety, mostly. It’s also about family, and first kisses, and handwritten notes, computer games, and love. Really, it’s about a girl, and her name is Audrey.

Name: Shriya Khambhaita

Age: 23

Favourite Starbucks order: Caramel Macchiato

1. Have you read any of Sophie Kinsella’s books before, like the Shopaholic series? If not, would you consider doing so after reading ‘Finding Audrey’?

I have never read any Sophie Kinsella’s books before but I will definitely after reading Finding Audrey!

2. What did you think of the cover?

The cover is gorgeous especially Audrey.

3. How do you think this book handled the issue of anxiety and mental health?

On par, very easy to read, any young adult will relate to Audrey somehow.

4. Do you think the comedy worked well in balancing such serious topics?

Yes, definitely, there is something for Sophie’s adult readers too.

5. Which character can you relate most to?

Anne, Audrey’s mother, you know a mother like her or you have one like her. As a lover of Daily Mail I could relate to her obsession with their articles.

6. What did you think of Linus and Audrey’s relationship?

Linus is a strong independent clever young man who bought strength into their relationship. I really enjoyed their relationship.


Daily Mail – great or trash? Great.

Coconut ice-cream – yuck or yum? Yum.

Computer games – love or hate? Love.

Dares – fun or terrifying? Fun.

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