MP!er Chloe reviews ‘Finding Audrey’: “Kinsella has a wonderful style of writing”

We’re all about ‘Finding Audrey’ this month on Maximum Pop! – and so are our MP!ers. Check out what Chloe Smith thought of Sophie Kinsella’s new story about social anxiety, family and love.

Name: Chloe Smith

Age: 17

Favourite Starbucks order: Hot Chocolate

1. Have you read any of Sophie Kinsella’s books before, like the Shopaholic series? If not, would you consider doing so after reading ‘Finding Audrey’?

No – I haven’t, but I definitely would read more after finishing ‘Finding Audery’! Kinsella has a wonderful style of writing that is really easy to engage with. I’ll definitely read a few more of her books!

2. What did you think of the cover?

It was simple, but so beautiful! I loved how Audrey took centre stage – I feel like it tells a lot about the character and story before you even reach the blurb, and I love the colours!

3. How do you think this book handled the issue of anxiety and mental health?

It was so well done, it was a truthful account that will help a lot of people, but it’s wasn’t too emphasised to the extent that it overtook the story – we met Audrey and her family first, which was very important – but anxiety and mental health was very tactfully handled from then on.

4. Do you think the comedy worked well in balancing such serious topics?

Yes, very much so. The humour made you appreciate the more serious topics, in a way – and it was great to find myself smiling after nearly crying. Kinsella is a very skilled, and powerful, writer!

5. Which character can you relate most to?

Audrey – I saw a lot of myself in her, not only did I relate to her struggle with social anxiety, but her love for her family and deadpan humour most reminded me of myself.

6. What did you think of Linus and Audrey’s relationship?

It was so lovely. It made me smile so much. Definitely one of the cutest book relationships I’ve ever read about!


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