These ultimate Zayn fans will remind you why you’re a diehard member of the Zquad

We have chosen this week’s MP! Superfan of the Week, and it’s one of the biggest Zayn Malik fan accounts in the Twittersphere, ZaynJMNews.

They deserve every inch of this nomination for being totally reliable when it comes to letting their followers know about all the latest Zayn news and votes. We know for a fact that that is a mammoth task which only truly dedicated members of the Zquad could handle. 

We also recently approached them to write an ultimate Zayn quiz for super fans and they literally went above and beyond with some of the trickiest questions about Zayn we have ever seen! Can you handle it?

The ultimate Zayn quiz. Prove your knowledge by acing this quiz made by fans


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You’ve taken their quiz now let’s meet the members of the team:

Hi guys, could you tell us a bit about who owns the account?

ALL: Hi David!

CLARA: Jess, Carla and I do!

CARLA: Jess, Clara, and

JESS: The account is run by three people!

Why are you fans of Zayn and how long have you been a fans?

CLARA: Been a fan of Zayn since I was a fan of One Direction… a long time ago! Why am I am a fan? Because Zayn is an amazing artist with multiple talents and an incredible modesty and I am just glad to be able to idolize someone like this!

CARLA: I’m a fan of Zayn because he he’s a very down to earth person, humble, incredibly kind, self motivated through his music, and talented. He’s someone I can look up to and feel a connection to, I’ve been a fan of Zayn for about four years!

JESS: I’m a fan of Zayn because I find him to be a genuinely nice person. He’s relatable in the sense that we both have anxiety issues and it’s really great to see him so open with it. That, and he loves comics which I do as well. We share a lot of common interests. Also, I’ve been a fan since the start of his One Direction days.

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What’s your favourite Zayn song and why?

CLARA: My favorite song by Zayn is ‘Like I Would’ because it has this club vibe that I love in music!

CARLA: My favorite songs by Zayn are ‘Blue’ and ‘Golden’. They’re both very different to a lot of the other songs on ‘Mind Of Mine’ as they’re slow and more in tune with his thoughts. They’re songs I like to listen to when I’m by myself or driving because they can calm me down after a bad day.

JESS: My favorite Zayn song is ‘Golden’! It’s on the target exclusive album. To me, it’s my favorite because I feel it holds such a personal meaning. It’s really beautifully written lyrically.

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Has Zayn ever noticed the account or engaged? If so how did you react?

CLARA: We do not count times anymore but the best connection was when he followed us in August a year ago, we were not expecting it at all and I told the other owners and they thought it was a joke!

CARLA: Zayn has noticed our account many times! I’m always overwhelmed and grateful every time he does, it’s your idol noticing you!

JESS: Honestly, he’s interacted with us every way except by direct message! Haha. Well, every time it’s kinda surreal. Like, we understand we have a big following but it still feels so new when he notices us.

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Have you ever met Zayn?

CLARA: Not yet! But maybe once he goes on tour we will get the opportunity to meet him!

CARLA: Sadly I’ve never met Zayn, hopeful for the future!

JESS: Sadly, I haven’t.

Why do you think people are so engaged with your fan account? What differentiates you? 

CLARA: I think we were the first to focus only on Zayn. Well at least that’s the reason we created it in the first place. They were many accounts updating on One Direction at the same time but not one only on Zayn so Jess suggested it and I was immediately on board.

A month after we created the account, Zayn left One Direction and we became the only account that was focusing only on his solo career at this point since most One Direction UAs were bashing him for leaving. We became an alternative for the Zayn fans who wanted to follow his solo projects. Several Zayn accounts were created afterwards but us being the original one gave us credit. Moreover, we were tired of UAs always stating their opinions on their UAs and not acting professionally so that’s why we never tweet anything personal on the account and keep it about Zayn. People either like it or hate it but that was very different from the existing accounts back in the day!

CARLA: We were not the first Zayn update account but we were the first to actually update about him day to day, while in the band we came to realize there wasn’t a Zayn update account you could go to for information or updates on his life, we felt like we wanted to provide that for the people who have the same amount of love for him as we do. I think we’re different as we believe in constructive criticism towards Zayn, but we always do stand up for him when he’s attacked wrongly.

JESS: Hm, well truthfully I think we have such a big following because we started before he left 1D and even then we stuck with him loyally. And honestly, we’re not shy to share our opinions so maybe that.

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What do you think of Zayn’s relationship with his fans? 

CLARA: I think Zayn is amazing with his fans. Even if he is not very present on social media – which is a tragedy if you ask me aha – he makes sure to notice fans. Look at what he did with fan artists mailing them little canvas of their drawings! That’s so crazy! Imagine receiving such appreciation from your idol? That’s what Zayn does for you.

CARLA: I think Zayn cares deeply for his fans, you can tell how humble and appreciative he is, there are many qualities in Zayn’s fans that are in him as many people have things in common with their idols. Many of his fans are artistic and creative and he’s always posted fan art by them, you can tell he has a deep connection with them.

JESS: I feel like Zayn’s relationship with his fans is one of the most genuine when in comparison to other artists. Zayn really shows appreciation for any type of fan art and he never lets fans forget how much he loves and cherishes the hard work put behind every one of them. Not only that, but Zayn doesn’t hesitate to joke around with fans and it’s all really refreshing.

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What is your fave Zayn fan project that you have ever taken part in? 

CLARA: The fan project of life! There is no specific project that I like more than others. What I love is supporting Zayn daily and encouraging others to so!

CARLA: : We were able to give out ‘Pillowtalk’ the day of it’s release to 400+ people it was great to make so many people happy!

JESS: Our biggest success is the project we did for Zayn’s first single ‘Pillowtalk.’ Basically we had a system where fans would tell us their country and how many times they could gift and we partnered them with fans who weren’t able to buy it. All in all, we helped gift it 525+ times!

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What do you think about the way Zayn left One Direction and do you think he would ever rejoin?

CLARA: After reading about it from his book, I understand way more clearly why he left. This was his choice. I mean if you had the chance to leave a job you hate wouldn’t you do it? Even if you knew some people were gonna be disappointed by you leaving… Zayn has shown us, his fans, a great example by leaving, telling us that our feelings are more important than anything else and only our own happiness matters in the end. I don’t think he is coming back… I don’t think One Direction is even coming back at this point.

CARLA: I believe that Zayn leaving One Direction was for himself and not anyone else’s. I’m incredibly proud of him for putting his happiness first. I don’t think he’ll ever join One Direction again, I think he’s happy as is and that’s all that matters to me.

JESS: To be honest, I really applaud him for having the courage to make such a hard decision. He wasn’t doing something he loved and needed time for himself. It’s something he felt he needed to do and I respect that wholeheartedly. And well, I’m a bit unsure on whether he would rejoin. I would never fault him if he did. It’s like this.. It’s his life. So when he makes decisions that relate to his career and personal wishes I respect that because he does it for himself and fans shouldn’t feel entitled and hold it against him.

Thanks for chatting with us! It’s been a real pleasure. Keep zlaying! 

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