MP! Superfan of the Week: We fangirled with @WeAdoreMiley and discovered some mind-blowing secrets

Well hello there pop fans! This week we’re introducing a new feature where we choose one fan account who has been slaying particularly fiercely lately – ‘Superfan of the Week’! We contact the fan account and ask them the secret to their success, as well as finding out a bit more about the person behind the monitor.

For our very first feature we have selected @WeAdoreMiley, who have contributed some fantastic articles to our ‘Fan Blog‘ this week. If you run a fan account and think you’re an ultimate superfan, email [email protected] and you could be featured here next week!

Hi @WeAdoreMiley! We’ve been loving your work recently. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Nick. I live in L.A. and I have been running the account on my own since 2009.

Why are you a fan of Miley?

Because she represents originality, and freedom. There was a time in my life where I felt so trapped and misunderstood, but when I watched interviews with Miley, I felt like she understood me and the obstacles I was facing in life. During high school, owning my fan account was an escape. It took me to a whole new world where I could I felt like a star. It was almost as if when I was at school I was Miley Cyrus, but when I was on Twitter talking to my Twitter friends, I was Hannah Montana.


How long have you been a fan of Miley?

Originally when ‘Hannah Montana’ premiered, I really didn’t like Miley. I was a huge fan of Hilary Duff and thought she was a bad copy. But actually, watching the first episode of ‘Hannah Montana/ a few days after the premiere, I immediately fell in love and became such a huge fan. It was easy being a fan of her because I related so much.

What’s your favourite Miley song and why?

The hardest thing any Miley fan can do is pick their favorite Miley song. This is definitely a tough one because she has recorded so many songs that speak to me and my different emotions. However, I think overall, one of my favorites has to be ‘Wrecking Ball’. It’s a timeless classic that can be relevant in a lot of situations. If a person is having a bad day, bad break up, family issues, etc… this song can be the jam that can get you through the situation.


How much time a day do you spend running the account?

There was a time where I would be on the account endlessly. From the moment I woke up to the second I slept. However, as I have gotten older, the time I spend on my account has become much more limited because I have much more responsibilities.

Has Miley ever noticed the account or engaged? If yes, how did you react?

Yes, there has been several instances where Miley has engaged with my account. Various times we have had conversations about Madonna, she has retweeted several tweets, and even one time, I did a parody of her single ‘Adore You. This involved doing a competition for other fans to retweet a tweet, and once it reached a certain number that I would release the video.

Have you ever met Miley?

I have met Miley a few times. Originally back in 2013, when I presented her with the award for reaching 100 million views on Vevo. Then later at the Jimmy Kimmel show where she debuted her fist live performance of “We Can’t Stop” and again at ‘Miley Unplugged on MTV’, American Music Awards, ‘Bangerz tour’  and Billboard Music Awards. I have been so incredibly lucky  because she is truthfully such a sweet and outgoing person.

Have you seen her perform live? What was her most memorable performance?

Yes, on numerous occasions. However, the most memorable was during her ‘Bangerz tour’. That was probably one of the top 10 best moments  Miley gave it her all on stage and I gave it my all dancing and singing in the audience. The crowd was amazing as well because everybody was there for the same reason – to share their love for the music.

What do you think of Miley’s ‘Dead Petz’ era?

Although ‘Dead Petz’ was not not my ultimate favorite era of Miley Cyrus, I understood the messages she was trying to convey to the public, such as self-acceptance and loving yourself. Most kids these days often feel insecure and Miley was one of the few public figures to address this topic and help kids feel at home in their own skins.

Are there other Miley fan accounts you would recommend?

Yes, there are so many amazing Miley fan accounts! If you feel like recreating some of Miley’s iconic outfits, @StylishCyrus always posts links to shops where you can buy the same or a similar outfit for cheap. I also love @Mileysourcenews and @Mileyofficial. Both these accounts are always up to date on information about Miley and her projects.

Check out other posts in our fan blog written by @WeAdoreMiley. If you want to write a guest post, email us already! We don’t bite.

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