“We are much more than just fans, we are Selenators”. The fandom reveal why they are so dedicated to Selena

It’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for another MP! Superfan of the Week. This time we’ve chosen one of the premiere update accounts for one of the most inspirational stars in the game rn. 

Selena Gomez is not only an actress, singer and the queen of Insta, she’s also an inspiration for millions of Selenators all around the world. We decided to nominate @LifeWithSelG as this week’s Superfan of the Week because we believe they fully understand Selena’s advice about showing respect and kindness to everyone and regularly put it into practise. We are 100% confident that Selena would be proud of them. 


Hi guys! Thanks for being our MP! Superfans of the Week. Could you tell us a bit more about who owns the account?

Jaden, the creator and owner of @LifeWithSelG, and Elizabeth, the second owner. We are both 18 years old.

Why are you a fan of Selena and how long have you been a fan?

There are many reasons why we look up to Selena… But her heart is the biggest reason. Many say the same about their role models but in this case, Selena actually proves it by the countless acts of kindness to contribute to this world. It takes a real person to actually do the things they say. Selena has shown time and time again how her fans are the biggest and most important part of her life and how much we mean to her. We are much more than just fans, we are Selenators.

Since we first saw Selena on ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’, which has been almost nine years now, we saw her for who she really is – a beautiful, humble, generous, kind-hearted, down to earth, talented, and just simply a golden human being. We love Selena and we are fans of her because she’s the one that helped us when no one was there, she got us through the worst times of our lives when no-one cared and when we felt insecure about ourselves, she was the one who made us feel loved, who made us feel beautiful. She’s the one person that helped us through the hardest parts in our life.


She taught us how to love ourselves for who we are and that we should never change no matter what anyone says, she taught us how to feel comfortable in our own skin, she taught us that it’s cool to not be cool sometimes, she taught us that it’s okay to be different, because being different is what makes us truly beautiful, she gave us hope when there was nothing left, she gave us the strength when we needed to get up, she gave us the attitude to be kind to everyone, she has shown what it is like to truly, unconditionally love someone.

She has just given us many reasons to look up to her, but her heart, is the biggest one. She has done and taught us and the world SO much that looking up to her, supporting her, and calling her our role model is the least we can do. This is why we are fans of Selena Marie Gomez.

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What’s your favourite Selena song and why?

We love every one of her songs and it’s really hard to pick just one but since we have to, we will definitely say ‘Who Says’ because of the powerful message it sends and because it’s the anthem of our fanbase. This song is mostly special and important for what it has done for teenagers all over the world, more specific, in 2011 it decreased suicide rates among teenagers and helped many people learn how to love themselves in different ways, including us. We are more than thankful to Selena for writing and dedicating this song to us, her fans. This song will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Has Selena ever noticed the account or engaged? If so how did you react?

Yes, Selena has noticed us. The first time she ever did was during summer 2015 by retweeting one of our tweets! It was very unexpected. She is also following us and has liked our tweets eight times. It was an incredible and indescribable feeling to have her notice us after everything we did for her. We devote so much time just for her to show that we truly do love her and everything she has done and everything she is. It was a dream come true and it felt truly UNREAL. To know that our idol knows who we are – it was the best thing that could’ve possibly happened to us. We are grateful beyond words.

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Have you ever met Selena?

No, unfortunately we have never met Selena. We just saw her live once during the ‘Stars Dance’ Tour in 2013. We were supposed to meet her in October during the European leg of the ‘Revival’ Tour, but since the tour got cancelled, we couldn’t. However, we are convinced our day will come. What truly matters to us is Selena’s well being.

We have supported her for many years and we are determined to show her what she means to us no matter what the circumstances may be. She does so much for us, and for this reason, we will wait as long as it takes to meet her.

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Why do you think people are so engaged with your fan account?

We think the reason why people are so engaged with our account is because we try to provide the quickest and most accurate updates on Selena. Our hard work is one of the main reasons why our followers appreciate us.

For the past three and a half years we have put our hearts and souls into working on this account. We put time, effort and dedication into it, which resulted in sleepless nights and long hours of updating. We constantly set alarms to wake up at different hours in the morning to live update during concerts and in general, it could be 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am… We constantly tweet and update because we are a news account and want to make sure we are doing our best for Selena and our fandom. We have put our lives and a lot of hard work into this account and we truly appreciate it when our followers recognise our efforts. Hopefully Selena knows it too!

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What differentiates you from other fan accounts?

What many fans constantly tell us that differentiates us from other update accounts is that we always try our hardest to interact with as many fans as we can. Whether it’s answering a question about Selena, give them advice, being someone they can talk to, or trying to help them out in any way possible!

Even though we are an update account, we never stay quiet on what’s happening in the world and use our platform to speak on various issues. We mainly use our platform to really show what Selena and our fandom is about, which is being loving, humble, respectful and kind at all times. Selena is all about kindness and this is what we mostly try to promote this on our account. Honesty, respect, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need are the values that we stand for.

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What do you think of Selena’s relationship with her fans?

The bond that we share with Selena is something indescribable, unique and beautiful, and the love that we share has no limits, no end and it has something that no other fandom can ever compare to. The thing you have to know is that Selena has ALWAYS shown her love for us. Whether it was through her music, meeting us on the streets, staying in contact with us through social media and more, she has proven from time and time again that we mean EVERYTHING to her. She never takes our support for granted and always makes sure to thank us, for the biggest, to the smallest things. There is honestly no bigger happiness than knowing the person we have dedicated our lives to genuinely loves and appreciates us.

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What is your fave Selena fan project that you have ever taken part in or organised?

One project we are truly proud of taking part was to raise money for Selena’s Lupus Research Alliance. We teamed up with Selena’s Italian street team and asked the fans who attended the concert in Milan to donate money that would be sent to the foundation, and managed to raise hundreds of euros! Since the tour got cancelled, many of the fans who got the refund for the tickets, donated half of their ticket’s price as well. This only proves how kind-hearted, sweet and kind are the people apart of this fandom!

Keep killing ’em with kindness, guys! We’re off to read every article we can find on Selena and listen to every single song she’s ever released. 

Leave a comment below to let everyone know why you are a loud and proud Selenator!

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