SLAVE 4 BRITNEY! You definitely aren’t as dedicated to Britney Spears as this superfan

The search for the ultimate superfans in the world is on and this week’s MP! Superfan of the Week the fabulous Britney-Galaxy. We spoke with Anthony from the account and have decided beyond a shadow of a doubt that he deserves the title of Britney superfan. Not only has he met her, interviewed her and runs on of the biggest fansites about her, but he has also been recognised by Queen Babe-ney herself. 

We had a chat with Anthony about what makes a Britney superfan tick…


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Hi Anthony! Could you tell us about the team of

We have a core team that runs There are several jobs involved with making the site successful, and it requires us to all work together.  Thankfully, we all get along so it enables us to share all of the various tasks. We don’t designate ourselves to one specific job; we all work together as a team.

Our core staff members are: Anthony (myself), Manuela, Jen, Selim, Alycia, Nenad, Nickos, Jessica, Matt and John.  We also have a sister Facebook page called “Britney Addicts,” which was created by Cristina. In addition to that, we also have two brother Facebook pages: “Britney Spears Greece” which was created by Nickos, and “The Chronicles of Britney” created by Mikey!  All of us are very passionate about Britney so we really are like a little family.  We want to do right by Britney and all of her fans.  Honestly, we are blessed to have each other.


Why are you a fan of Britney and how long have you been a fan? 

I have been a fan of Britney since she came out with her first album, “…Baby One More Time.” The minute she released her debut single, I said to myself, “This girl is going to be big, I know it!” There is just something about Britney that stands out.  I can’t necessarily put my finger on it, but her energy is contagious and it makes me fall in love with her over and over again. She isn’t like any other celebrity out there.  She really is one of a kind, and she makes me proud to be her fan every single day. She inspires millions of people, and she has made a huge impact on the music industry. She is always a leader, never a follower, and the way she performs on stage is incredible.  She reminds her fans to always shine bright, to give back to the world, and to always have faith.

More importantly, though, she reminds us all to always stay true to ourselves. Her million-dollar smile that we all fell in love with nearly two decades ago continues to light up the world, and the happiness she continues to share is effortlessly contagious. To any of us who have ever faced a “bump in the road,” she is a clear beacon of hope and inspiration. She really is the true definition of a performer. Something about her energy just gives me hope and always reminds me that anything is possible.


What’s your favourite Britney song and why?

This is SO tough! I have three favourite Britney songs: “Liar,” “Change Your Mind,” and “Up N Down.” I currently still have her new album “Glory” on repeat.  It’s an amazing album. She really delivered some of her best work this year.

Has Britney ever noticed the account or engaged? If so how did you react? 

Yes, she has noticed Britney-Galaxy several times! In fact, Britney revealed in our recent interview with her that she enjoys reading the website, and she expressed to us how much she appreciates it. We are very honoured.

What was it like to interview Britney and how did you get that opportunity?

Yes, we had the opportunity to interview Britney when she revealed an exclusive track from her album ‘Glory’ on our website. The staff were in complete shock when it happened. Britney is incredibly gracious, and she really appreciates the site. We are still on cloud 9. It was a huge blessing for us.

Read the full interview here


What gave you the idea to incorporate the fans in the website and the idea of 

Our goal for was always to create a positive website about Britney. We never wanted to engage in things like posting rumours, perpetuating tabloid stories, or spreading any form of negativity.  Britney Galaxy will never be like that. The site is focused on only posting factual news, positive stories, and representing the fans. We at Britney-Galaxy know that without the Britney Army, would not be as successful as it is today. We feature the fans any chance we can; we love sharing their meet and greet experiences, collectable stories, and showcasing how Britney has impacted their lives. Britney-Galaxy will always be about the fans. They are our extended family and we never want to let them down.

Just how well do you know The Britney Army? 

I have gotten to know so many people. The Britney Army is a huge fan base, but we are all connected.  It’s amazing that so many of us know each other like we do. I myself have developed really close relationships with a lot of the fans, and they have become such a huge part of my life. I try so hard to talk to them when I can. I hope they know that I am always there for them, and if any of them ever want to be featured on Galaxy, I will always say yes. We really are a great fan base, and we are one of a kind, just like Britney herself.


Have you ever met Britney?

I have met her a couple of times! She is the sweetest person ever! She always has the nicest things to say about me when I do meet & greets with her in Las Vegas. I know she knows me from the website, but I also know that her mother, Lynne, talks to her about me. I am fortunate enough to say that Lynne and I speak a lot. Her mom is a really genuine woman, and I have learned so much from her.  I always wondered where Britney got some of her wonderful traits from, and now I know that many of them are definitely from her mother.

I am also close with Felicia, Britney’s backstage tour guide.  Felicia is incredibly sweet, and has become a very good friend of mine. Anytime I want Britney to know something she will tell her right away for me. It’s really such a blessing being involved with so many wonderful people. 


Has Britney Spears ever sent something to you?

Last year on my birthday she sent me a personal card and gave me two tickets to see her piece of me show. I came home one day and I saw an envelope with my name on it, I thought it was from my aunt. I opened it up and I saw Britney’s signature in the card. I thought someone was playing a joke on me but it was really her signature. I called her mother Lynne and I am like Britney sent me a birthday card! I was freaking out! Her mom said, “I already knew she was going to send you one” so right there I knew it really was from her. The next day I got an email from her team making sure I got the card from Britney and that she wanted to give me two tickets to her show as my birthday gift.  It was the best surprise ever and I am very grateful. Hands down best birthday gift ever.


Why do you think people are so engaged with your fan account and website? What differentiates you? 

We are the biggest Britney Spears fan-site in the world, and we continue to grow every day.  I think one thing that helps set us apart is that we really are one of the only websites that is dedicated solely to Britney. I know there are plenty of entertainment websites out there with celebrity news, but not very many that are dedicated just to her.  Of course, there are fan groups on Facebook and fan accounts devoted to her on other social media platforms, but our website allows all of us to come together in a single place. We have made ourselves accessible to the Britney Army, and they seem to really enjoy that.  It definitely helps us to stand out.  Some have even told us Britney-Galaxy is the home of the Britney Army, and we love that.

What do you think of Britney’s relationship with her fans? 

Britney really loves her fans.  She has always said that without the fans, she wouldn’t be able to do what she loves to do. The fans are everything to her. I think sometimes the fans underestimate her because she really does like to use social media as a way of getting their input and feedback.  She tries her best to make the fans happy, and I feel she does a really great job of doing that.


What is your fave Britney fan project that you have ever taken part in? Has Britney participated in any?

We do a lot of projects with her team on Galaxy. Britney’s team is very sweet and we are always excited to collaborate with them. We also do some projects with her record company RCA and her Marketing Team Crowd Surf. They are really the sweetest people ever and we have a great relationship with them. We are both proud and honoured to have a working relationship with them because at the end of the day, we all want the best for Britney and her fans.

Britney-Galaxy enjoys hosting giveaways, games, projects, and so forth. When we do award show nominations for Britney on social media, or when we are hosting a giveaway or contest, Britney will sometimes participate with us.  I think having the support of Britney and her team just makes it more fun and rewarding for everyone who participates.

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