MP! Reviews: One Direction @ San Siro, Milan, 28 June

During the last months we spent a lot of time watching ‘This is Us’, ‘This is Them’ and One Direction performances in South America, Ireland, UK and Europe through every Social Media channel. FINALLY MP! had the chance to see the ‘Where We Are’ tour in Milan last Saturday night.

For the guys the two gigs in Milan were super important because they were recording the ‘Where We Are Tour Live from San Siro Stadium’ DVD.

I did a little “rain rain go away” dance and gently powdered my nose for the big date, then I headed down to San Siro Stadium. Here’s what happened…

The stage was HUGE and AMAZING! The arrow on the runway  directly pointed to my seat (well, not only mine for sure). The crowd was extremely loud EVRY.SINGLE.SECOND. I didn’t even understand the safety message! Suddenly ‘La Macarena’ started and it was Macarena madness!

While ‘Midnight Memories’ blasted the boys came on stage with a load of fireworks the colours of the Italian flag. That was brilliant! Niall shouted “Ciao Milano, come stai? WOW!” (Hello Milan, how are you? WOW!) and Harry went all cute with “You’re BELLISSIMI” (You’re beautiful) while wearing the Italian flag. During the whole show they said a lot of “Ti Amo” and “Ti Amo” was a Trending topic on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 04.13.30

For Niall San Siro Stadium was a big deal and at one point he felt all the feelings and went emotional. The setlist was great with ‘Little Black Dress’, ‘Kiss You’, ‘Why Don’t We Go There?’, ‘Rock Me’ and an ASTONISHING crotch grab from Harry.

The Italian fans arranged a huge fan action, helped by TeamWorld. During ‘Right Now’ the magic happened and all the Stadium was holding its breath because what those girls did was AMAZEBALLS.


(At the moment there’s a little bit of beef between French fans and Italian fans about their fan action but let me say this: dear cute Macaroons this time Italian fans NAILED IT!).

Liam asked the crowd to show the action again and took a few photos.

Do you see the box in the middle under the heart? Well, I was there. Basically MP! are now on Liam Payne’s picture and in his phone. Forever.

Twitter question time!

One was “What was the first album you’ve ever bought?”, for the second one they did the Irish dance and the last one was “If you can be girls for a day what would you do?” Niall immediately started rubbing his imaginary breasts while the cheeky curled one answered by pointing to Niall. 

Before ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’

The show was amazing and I didn’t expect something like this. I knew they were amazing but there’s something more than amazing? Yes, THEM!

There was such a great energy that at some point even the Stadium started shaking!

This DVD is going to be nominated for an Oscar for sure!

For you 6:34 minutes of Best Song Ever 


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