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We sent down our head honcho movie reviewer Bianca to Earth of Echo movie, lets see what she thought of it.

Last Saturday 12th was the screening of Earth to Echo. After watching the movie, I can talk a little bit about it. The movie starts with three young friends, from a small town in Nevada. They are packing to leave the town, as the government wants to build a massive bridge all over the city, removing the houses and the entire town.

Teo, Munch and Alex have been friends their whole lives, and the idea of moving towns because of the new advances around, make them think about the future and be worried about their friendship that might end. But right before they leave the town, their phones start acting on a weird way, all the phones show a map on the screen. Their last night on the town, they decide to follow the maps and see what are those signals taking them to. They find out the signals are coming from an alien asking for help, who ended up on planet Earth. With Emma, the last one joining the group, they four try to find the way back home for their new little friend.

The way they got the footage and the story of this movie reminded me a lot of Super 8 (2011) which is a story about some kids helping an alien to get back home and while doing it, filming everything, so pretty much the same. I could say is mixing of different alien movies for kids. But I did enjoy it, and I am sure the little ones will love it too!

Even if the main characters aren’t big celebrities in the film industry, it doesn’t mean they didn’t do a good job on this movie. Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt, Astro (Brian Bradley) and Teo Halm did their best, a brilliant performance, especially Reese Hartwig. The special effects and action scenes are very good too, everything feels so real.

This is a movie for fantasy and fiction lovers like me! Earth to Echo is released nationwide on the 25th of July.

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