MP! Reviews: Begin Again

Bianca our expert popcorn eater and movie reviewer spills the beans on Begin Again.

The movie starts with Dan (Ruffalo) who lives on a tiny and filthy apartment. He has a  bad relationship with his daughter Violet (Hailee Stainfeld) and an even worse relationship with his ex-wife.

He has a pretty crap day and gets fired from his record label job, Dan decides to get drunk the rest of the night, and ends up in a bar, where he finds Gretta (Knightley).

Gretta moved to New York with her boyfriend Dave (Levine), who was smashing it in the music world. After starting their new life, Gretta finds out that Dave has cheated on her. Gretta moves in with her best friend Steve (James Corden).

Dan convinces Gretta to start working together on a new album. They both help each other to fix their lives, and begin again.

This movie is a real feel good watch and shows us how things get better and how you have to be strong and try to find yourself again. I personally loved the movie. Adam Levine is looking even sexier than usual.

The sweet Keira shows us her skills, not just as an actress, but as a singer. All the songs in this movie have a lot of feelings and emotions, bringing us a beautiful soundtrack. This might be the first movie I ever watched that uses music in all the good ways without sentimentalizing and creating a love story between the main characters.

Already out in cinemas; make sure you don’t miss out on this one.


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