MP! Review: ‘The Unexpected Everything’ by Morgan Matson is “cover-to-cover summer”

Morgan Matson’s latest book is here, it’s landed, it’s ready to be gobbled up by eager beaver Matson fans, and greedily devoured by anyone who wants that perf summery read.


Following Andie as she navigates a summer that deviates, harshly, from the original plan, it’s full of charm and… dogs.

‘The Unexpected Everything’ isn’t a short read. It’s quite the hoof of a book, and all things considered, it’s not necessarily what you would call “action packed”.

But that said, there is something incredibly magnetic about it.
It has a strong Sarah Dessen vibe where the whole community in which Andie lives in feels like it really exists. These characters do not exist inside a bubble and Andie and her friends create a strong cast to follow and to root for. (Even if they win the award for ‘most obscure names in one book’).


‘The Unexpected Everything’ is one of those gentle stories that slowly build towards a moment of total heartache. You know, it’s a lot like playing the game ‘chubby bunnies’. You keep stuffing light, fluffy and sweet marshmallows into your mouth, which taste great, but you know disaster is only one more marshmallow away.

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Strange analogy? Maybe. But what we’re trying to say is that this book is gorgeously light and airy, but at the same time there are heavier, more heart-achy moments lurking in there too.

And there’s dogs.


What’s that thing they say about never working with children or animals? Well, Matson didn’t get the memo, and we’re glad. Bertie, especially, is such a strong character. The dogs are easily woven into the fabric of this book that they don’t feel awkward or pointless. And they’re SO CUTE!


What’s this book really about? Family ties. First loves. And discovering that sometimes the unexpected can be the best thing to happen to you.

We were totally digging the atmosphere, and happily tapped into that slow, almost languid warm summer’s day feeling which grew from page to page.


There’s romance, there’s fun, and it’s the perfect read to tuck under your arm and head out to the beach with. Or the back garden. It’s cover-to-cover summer, and everyone needs to dive into it.

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