MP! Review: Broken Sky by L. A. Weatherly is as action packed as it is thought-provoking

Once you get over how beautifully understated the cover of ‘Broken Sky’ is, and dutifully bookstagram it for everyone to lust over, you can set about reading this pretty.

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Because what is inside this book will send you soaring into a “perfect” future and you won’t want to come back.

L. A. Weatherly’s ‘Broken Sky’ is set in 1940 a.c. (After Cataclysm) and the world itself echoes that of the forties decade America from our own timeline.

What is interesting is new world dynamic: War is illegal and any disputes are settled fairly through “peacefights”. Fighter pilots from each territory jump into their planes and take to the skies to shoot at each other and settle the score. Of course, when they say “fairly” we know they really mean “corrupt”.

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Amity is an easy character to get behind and we know from the prologue that we’re moving towards crapsville, with Amity on the run and a whole can of worms is quickly opening. Her past and present collide in a dramatic way.

The emotional pull to this story is absolute perfection. The way Amity and Collie interact has us rolling in the deep along with them and we felt it. And despite the potential for a love triangle (dun dun durrrr) it was refreshing to have the main character focused and understanding of her own heart enough to stick to the one dude.


There is a strong cast of secondary characters, for sure. Kay plays narrator in parts which gives us a great view of the other side of the fence. Her changing feelings towards the Harmony regime left us feeling conflicted, but it was a ‘good’ conflicted. ‘Broken Sky’ teaches us that is, of course, all a matter of perspective and distance. Why should Kay care about someone she’s never met and likely never will? Surely saving her own hide is more important, right?

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And then there is Ingo. Gorgeous characterisation. Flawed. Cocky. But keen to give a helping hand. We hope to see much more of him in the sequel.

‘Broken Sky’ is as action packed as it is thought provoking. And we haven’t even touched upon the concept of becoming “Discordant” yet! The Central States regime operates on astrology. You can be found “Discordant” based on your zodiac sign alone. Of course, “discordant” isn’t something you want to be. No one wants that call.

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Detailed, authentic descriptions. Compelling world building. And character we weren’t ready to let go of by the end. ‘Broken Sky’ is one for any dystopian fans, and will grip any who love blummin’ great writing.

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