MP! Review: ‘Kill the Boy Band’ by Goldy Moldavsky is “wild…and it’s outrageously funny.”

‘Kill the Boy Band’ is one heck of a debut for Goldy Moldavsky, Following a group of four girls, friends only because of their fandom, and how things really do go from bad… to super bad… while trying to get close to their fave band.


“We were not planning to kidnap one of them. Especially not the most useless one. But we had him—his room key, his cell phone, and his secrets.”

It’s obvious this story is going nowhere good for these girls. “Sloane”, Apple, Isabel and Erin are an interesting bunch; their individual characteristics made it easy to picture them and to separate them from each other.

girl squad

They’re just four obsessed fans of a boy band called ‘The Ruperts’, where’s the harm in that? Except, of course, they go above and beyond. Managing to book a room in the same hotel as The Ruperts… And then kidnapping one of them?

keep you

They’re given plenty of ‘outs’. When it’s noticed Rupert P isn’t where he’s supposed to be he even says he’ll just let it go if they, well, let him go. But they don’t. And it’s this decision that makes the shit hit the fan. Hard.  

oh dayum

Things really do go from bad to worse for them. Erin, the apparent ringleader of it all, has a bigger motive for essentially destroying The Ruperts. Apple’s MASSIVE CRUSH on Rupert P causes nothing but trouble for him, and for them. Isabel just wants a good story for her website. And Sloane? Who IS Sloane?

who are you

She’s our narrator, but do we ever learn her real name? Not sure we do. She gives fake names, even when she has a clandestine meeting with her fave ‘Rupert’. WHO IS SHE?!

dont know

This book is wild. It errs on the side of dark. And it’s outrageously funny. At one point it becomes a game of Cluedo, and it’s a lot of fun finding out each characters’ motive.


It also throws up some interesting questions about how intense fangirling can get, and you see the good, the bad, and the, uh, ugly sides of it.


It explores the dynamics of female friendships, and how they can evolve. It’s a crazy ride of a read, but do they get away with it in the end? Well. You’ll just have to read it and find out yourselves.

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