MP! Review: Kiera Cass’ ‘The Heir’ is fun, fluffy, and the perfect read for a girls night in

If you’ve read the other books in ‘The Selection’, then you’ll know just what to expect when facing Kiera Cass’s latest creation, ‘The Heir’: luxurious dresses, parties we wish we were at, and at the heart of it all, an indulgent dose of romance.

Set twenty years after Maxon and America tie the knot, Princess Eadlyn is being forced into the Selection process as her parents before her. The public may be excited, and her parents may believe this to be a great opportunity for love, but Princess Eadlyn is the opposite of thrilled. And she doesn’t hide it well, either.

‘The Heir’ finds strength in its distance from the first three books of ‘The Selection’ series. It would be boring to see another charming Prince Maxon type character go through the Selection with hope and a sense of duty, so Kiera Cass throws that away. Instead, she gives you Princess Eadlyn, self-centred, obnoxious, and wrapped up in her position as princess – and it’s really fun seeing the Selection from this perspective, as well as watching as Eadlyn grows in maturity and compassion.

The plot of the story obviously can’t stretch too far outside the boundaries of the Selection competition, and in this way, readers of the first three books may be a little bored. However, instead of a world in imbalance because of an unfair caste system, people are rejecting the crown because the dissolved caste system hasn’t made enough of a difference to their lives. In this way, it’s interesting to see how Kiera Cass handles the politics of this world, giving the story more depth than if it was a simple ‘The Bachelor’ type tale.

If you’re not into romance, this book is not for you. ‘The Heir’ is full of adorable dates and unexpected kisses, as well as relationships we saw beginning in the first three Selection books, and Kiera does it so well. She knows how to write scenes that will make you curl up with your paperback copy, smiling like an idiot and making those weird squeaky noises every now and again. And you will be torn when it comes to picking your favourite boy out of the Selected.

Really, with only a couple of scenes with action in them, this book is perfect for those cosy nights at home. It’s fun, fluffy, but has the right amount of seriousness that you become more invested than you ever intended to be.

So, grab a copy of ‘The Heir’, make yourself an indulgent hot chocolate and put on your fave PJs, because this is a girls night in kind of read – and we love it.





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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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