MP! Review: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern “is a careful balance of grit and compassion”

It’s almost impossible to talk about this book without making a terrible pun with the word “flawed” in there somewhere. Because this book is, dare we say, #perfectlyflawed.

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It sounds like a strange way to describe it, doesn’t it? How can something be “perfectly flawed”? Well that’s exactly what our leading lady, Celestine North, finds out in Cecelia Ahern’s YA debut.

Set in a world where perfection is the ultimate goal. And this counts just as much on the inside, as it does on the outside. Your thoughts and desires can lead to serious consequences. You can be found ‘Flawed’ and made an outcast for breaking an ethical or moral code.

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But perfection and the moral high ground is a difficult thing to define, and anyone can be found less than ideal.

‘Flawed’ has a slightly scary darkness to it that lurks around the edges and pounces on the reader without much notice, putting Celestine through some stuff that most would struggle to survive. And this counts both physically and mentally.

Her whole world is turned upside-down and it’s really interesting to follow that journey.


It’s not all doom and gloom! When the drama cools off a little there are some great moments between Celestine and the other cast of of characters. At this stage the potential man-candy is only teased in front of us, only appearing in a handful of pages. But we want more, because we know he’s going to be that tough, totally gorgeous af guy that we need. Right now. Give him to us.


That’ll have to wait until book two, it would seem. But fear not, there is plenty to keep you pre-occupied as Celestine begins to navigate her new life as an outcast. Shunned at school, facing old friends, boyfriends, sisters, and generally having a rough ol’ time of it.

But on the flip-side, it’s great to watch her character develop and grow into someone she begins to recognise as more ‘herself’ than she ever was before. She is “perfectly flawed”.

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‘Flawed’ is a fast-paced dystopian pleaser that is as intelligent as it is action packed. Fans of similar “broken” world type stories will get a kick out of this, as well as anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned ‘rage against the system’ romp.

With a careful balance of grit and compassion, this book got us right in the feels. Can we has book two now plz?

You can get your copy of Flawed here.

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