MP! Review: ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell made us fall in love

Do you remember reading ‘Fangirl’, loving it and and thinking literally the best thing in the world would be if you could look over Cath’s shoulder and see what she was writing? Or better yet, queue up for Gemma T. Leslie’s long awaited eighth book, or get some Baz and Simon into your life in any way you could?

‘Carry On’ is the answer to all your prayers. It’s here, it’s queer and it’s also full of wizard schools, references to Shakespeare and mounds of cherry scones.


It is Simon Snow’s last year at Watford and things are definitely being shaken up. After it kidnapped him and Penny at the end of last year, the Insidious Humdrum – the thing that is looking to destroy the entire world of magic – has become more worrying and more powerful than ever. The whole world is looking to Simon to defeat it but unfortunately Simon is quite possibly the worst Chosen One there ever was.

chosen one

And he has other things on his plate too. His evil – possibly even vampiric – roommate, Baz, has been on his mind a lot lately, and not because he’s being his usual amazingly annoying self, because he hasn’t turned up for school at the start of term. In fact, he seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Add to that ghosts traversing through the veil to deliver vital messages, an all knowing Mage who won’t tell Simon anything, and dragons where there definitely shouldn’t be dragons. It looks like it’s going to be a miracle if Simon even manages to get through Christmas let alone save the entire world.


We’re sure everyone knows this already but Rainbow Rowell is SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER! In this novel, her first ever fantasy, she creates a stunning world and a fantastic magic system we just want to imitate. Of course the power was in words and a turn of phrase, we always knew it!

The thing that really shines out in ‘Carry On’, as with all Rowell’s books, is the characters and the relationships that form between them. You understand the villains, you gasp for the victims, you love everyone and want them all to be ok, happy and best friends who enjoy feasts of every-intriguing sandwiches together. She depicts a diverse cast with characters not being afraid to talk about the fact that they are a minority and even correcting other characters when they misspeak about them accordingly.

i love her

And finally, Rowell can definitely make us fall in love. We ship, we sigh, we squeal – Rowell shows us characters that were just meant to be together. Having read this we can definitely see why anyone might want to go and write some Simon/Baz fanfic!

Haven’t had a chance to read ‘Carry On’ yet? Grab a copy right here.

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