MP! Investigates: Should makeup be BANNED in schools?

Should it stay or should it go?

Achieving the perfect cat eye is a true skill. Seriously – we legit think it should be an Olympic sport.

If you are the type of person who can achieve a flawless flick without making your liner thicker than an elephant’s left leg then we seriously salute you, because that is WELL out of our league.

Imagine our horror, then, to hear that some teen girls are literally being thrown out of school for wearing makeup (*GASP*).

That’s right – something as innocent as splashing a bit of colour on your face could get you kicked out of school for a day and a half. SAY WHATTT?

It might seem quite normal at first, but you wouldn’t get kicked out for displaying your artistry in many other ways, so why are we being penalised for our makeup?

Last time we heard, makeup was just a way for people to express themselves. It’s a hobby; something we literally slave hours over perfecting.

It’s only become a ‘bad thing’ because of the people who see it as a method of sexualisation, and that’s not why most people wear it. We wear makeup for ourselves, not for anybody else, so why are we being punished for it?

Plus, makeup can actually make people feel more confident. By banning it, schools could potentially be limiting how successful students are – and for what?

As far as we’re concerned, as long as people aren’t applying makeup mid-lesson, there’s no problem with it. If it’s not hindering the education process, it seems silly to ban it.

Now don’t get us wrong – we’re not promoting everybody having to wear makeup at school. We know it’s a personal choice, and that’s exactly how it should stay. But what we are saying is – why pressure people over it?

Is it wrong for makeup to be banned? Should we really care this much about whether it is or isn’t? Are we perhaps over-sexualising the use, and do we need to just let teen girls be teen girls? Everyone seems to have their own thoughts and opinions on the topic – even though we’re pretty strong advocates FOR makeup whenever, wherever, we wanted to find out what YOU thought.

First up, we wanted to know how many of you wear makeup to school:

63% of people claimed wear makeup to school at least some of the time, while 30% said they didn’t wear any because they didn’t want to, not because it was banned.

But, no matter whether people do or don’t wear makeup, the overwhelming majority of peeps (87% of you!) thought that it was all down to personal choice and that schools shouldn’t be policing it.

A massive 81% of you thought that teachers should also be banned from wearing makeup if students are. To be fair, if they’re there to set an example, it seems stupid that they wouldn’t be banned.

However, a small percentage of you did think that adults should be an exception to the rule.

We also asked you at what age exactly students should be permitted to wear makeup:

Teens are supposed to mature in secondary school and start acting more like adults, so why not let them wear what they want?

At the end of the day, it seems like most of you think it’s wrong to ban makeup in secondary schools. As long as it’s not affecting your education, we can’t see a problem with it. And if it IS banned, then schools should be making sure they set an example by ensuring that EVERYONE in attendance, even the teachers, are playing by the rules.

What do you think? Do you think makeup should be banned in schools? Have you ever been sent home for wearing it? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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