MP!s Fit Awards – Best British Hair

The Brit Awards 2013 contains far too many dull popstars, and far too many dull categories, so we at MP! have decided to create our own awards. Rather than rewarding dullness, we’re rewarding the things that really matter – brilliant hair, odd trousers, fanatical instagramming and omnipresent nipples. We’ll be announcing the categories and the nominees over the next few days and will announce the results alongside the (now largely irrelevant) Brit Awards results on Wednesday.


Hair has long been a staple of the popstar. We remember trying to construct the Calvin-Goldspink-house-of-cards-precarious-mohawk before moving onto the Mika-chaotic-and-curly styles. Hairstyles can define a popstar and a good hairstyle turns an average popstar into an amazing popstar. FACT. If you’re not spending an hour looking like you’ve only spent five minutes you’re not doing it right. To be honest, whilst the actual music is important, we’d say hair is as important if not more in making us like a popstar. Such is the strength in this category, we’ve had to split this category into Best British and Best International Hair.



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Written by Maximum Pop!

No dull pop stars allowed.

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