MP! Exclusive: The Power Rangers just solved all your pesky life problems in one fell swoop!

Even superheroes get awkward crushes tbh

Here’s a pure juicy fact for you – superheroes are awesome.

We can 100% back that up with 20 years of footage of Superman, Spiderman, The Avengers and X-Men kicking-butt and generally doing awesome things for sake of the planet.

But what we most like about the new generation of superheroes is that they are completely and utterly relatable. From wedgies to anxiety, these are real people who suffer from very real problems we are all familiar with (dammit got a wedgie as I was writing!)

We’ve been excited about the new ‘Power Rangers’ film since the dinosaur age began and it’s finally coming out NOW! We must have watched the trailer a bazillion times. tbh.

Of course, we were excited about the ass-kicking, the face-punching and the planet-saving. But what we love the most is that the Power Rangers are literally just five normal high-schoolers from a small town who have to overcome personal problems in order to be able to kick the necessary bottoms and save the world.

We figured it was important to get to know the new cast before watching the film, so we literally tapped all our connections and got some exclusive videos of the fab fivesome putting out metaphorical fires. In other words, they’re helping YOU overcome all your high school problems.

1. On speaking to your crush

We’ve all been there. There’s a fittie at school who you’re crushin’ on hard, but you have no idea how to initiate a conversation. POWER RANGERS TO THE RESCUE!

2. On dealing with negative rumours about you

URG rumours! If we had a penny for every rumour someone’s spread about us we’d be bajillionaires. How do you even react to a nasty malicious rumour? POWER RANGERS TO THE RESCUE!

3. On quirks making you special

Sometimes it’s hard to see that what makes you different makes you special. POWER RANGERS TO THE RESCUE!

4. On moving schools

Big changes are never easy, especially when you have to make new friends and get used to your new surroundings. It can be difficult to cope. POWER RANGERS TO THE RESCUE!

5. On how to make up after a fight

Swallowing our pride and being responsible is not our forte. But we can get past it, you know why? POWER RANGERS TO THE RESCUE!

‘Power Rangers’ is out in UK cinemas NOW! Before seeing the film why don’t you find out which Power Ranger you are most like by taking the quiz below.

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