MP! Exclusive: 5 things that happened at #TheHuntsman press conference, including Chris Hemsworth… topless?

We popped ourselves down to a fancy lilttle hotel in London on Thursday morning, to have a natter with the cast of ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’. We’ve recapped the five best bits for you. (And of course we had to ask Chris Hemsworth about his topless scenes!)


1. Chris Hemsworth agreed that he should’ve had more topless scenes in the film.0Huntsman_558Look at that gorgeous face! When we asked Chris if he should’ve had more shirtless scenes he said “Yes, as they all got cut out actually”. Who would do such a thing? 

2. We also asked him about that dashing Scottish accent he put on. How long did it take him to master it? 0Huntsman_684When we asked Chris about his accent he told us “I had a dialect coach in the first film, and then on this film we sort of worked extensively with them, we just wanted to create a difference in his (The Huntsman) tone and his musicality of his accent”. We were kind of fascinated by all of this, ngl.

3. Now the other good stuff? Emily Blunt had the first of MANY character comparisons to Elsa from ‘Frozen’…0Huntsman_494Her response was “It’s just because we both have white hair”. She added “I watched ‘Frozen’ 100 times” – so there you have it, Emily Blunt is a fan of ‘Frozen’.

4. Could we be getting a Snow White based spin-off film with K Stew? kristen-stewart-snow-white-and-the-huntsman-crownWhen asked about a spin-off Snow White film, Chris explained that “When we did the first film, we were talking about the potential of this film, we were talking about a Huntsman spin-off, we were talking about a Snow White sequel”.

Will K Stew return? Chris said he’d “love to work with her again”.

We need this be happen!

5. Is Charlize Theron as scary as her character on set? anigif_original-26918-1447787930-4Emily said that Charlize is “really exciting to work with, because she is really powerful, and she is really uninhibited”. (We just love this entire cast tbh.)

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ is out in cinemas on April 4. 

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