MP! EXCLUSIVE: Be the first to read the most kick-ass girl power novel of 2017

Let’s hear it for the girls!

Is there ANYONE that didn’t adore ‘Maresi’? Maria Turtschaninoff gave us a book that was all the things we wanted and more. Strong, thoughtful women living completely without the presence of a man.

And now the series is BACK with a stunning prequel. The founding sisters are here, and this is their story. Wanna read the first few pages?

Of course you do because you’re bookworms and that’s why you came here. For the books. For the great stories. And for this exact extract because HELLO Turtschaninoff is obviously an absolute boss.

QUIZ: Which pair of star-crossed lovers are you based on your HEA opinions?

QUIZ: What’s your superpower based on your feminist ideals?

This is the cover (which you’ve all seen and are all in LOVE with right?):

YAS! We love the continuity. Remember ‘Maresi’, and how if you turned it on it’s side the island became a face? And now we have the sail doing the same thing. Gorgeous.

Now for the extract. CLICK HERE to get reading.

What did you think? ‘Naondel’ is out now, so go go go buy the whole thing and get it on your shelf!

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