MP! Exclusive: Juno Dawson on being on the Nibbies judging panel

And the award goes to…

HOLD ON TIGHT, BOOK DRAGONS! The 2017 British Book Awards, or “Nibbies:, are almost here and we’re so excited to find out who has won this unique prize in the book world.

We caught up with one of the judges, awesomesauce author Juno Dawson, to find out exactly what it’s like to be on a panel for something as brillo as this:

1. What are you looking for in the winning book?
It’s a slightly different award in that it’s not JUST about the book, it’s about the way the industry was able to market and sell each title. There was more to think about than whether I just liked the writing.

2. As an author yourself, did you find it at all tricky to judge other author’s work for a prize?
As above really – this was more about booksellers, publicists and publishers. The author’s contribution was only one part of the puzzle – although we did explore the merits of each book. And no, I’m a judgy bitch on the daily. That has never been a struggle.

3. Have you and the judges agreed easily on the winner or has there been a bit of a battle?
It really came down to two titles we were passionate about. It never got heated, and both books were incredibly strong contenders. Either would have been worthy winners.

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4. What’s your favourite part of being a Nibbies judge?
It was a really lovely judging panel, made up of booksellers, librarians, bloggers and authors.

5. Describe this year’s shortlist in 3 words.
Almost impossibly diverse!

The shortlist for children’s fiction looks like this:

The winners of the British Book Awards will be announced on Monday 8th May at Grosvenor House, and will uniquely honour not just the author and illustrator of a title but the entire publishing team.

Who are you rooting for? Share it with us in the comments!

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