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19th April sees the anniversary of the Waco Fire.

The what? We know. We didn’t know either, until we read Will Hill’s ‘After the Fire’ and found out about the inspiration for the book. It’s just so good. Seriously. You gotta take our word for it. Or, actually, don’t! Read an extract right here, right now, and understand what we mean when we say this book is the bees knees…

Mount Carmel can be described as a religious commune for Branch Davidians. Men, women and children lived and worked under the rules set by the commune leader.

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US federal and Texas state authorities carried out a raid on the compound with a search warrant for illegal weapons possession. A 51 day siege ensued, a long gun battle, culminating in a fire that razed the whole compound to the ground.

The origins of the fire have long been disputed. Nearly 80 people lost their lives. But the aftereffects and the revelations of those who lived under the rule of David Koresh, especially the children and teens, are shocking and moving, much of which is explored in Will Hill’s cleverly written ‘After the Fire’. 

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