Better than Bake Off?! Here’s everything you might’ve missed from the MP! Bookish Awards winners’ announcement

If you didn’t hear the news, the MP! Bookish Awards winners were announced this week and things sure got CRAZY during the Twitter announcement ceremony.

From what makes us nerdy to adorable gifs, here’s some of the highlights from the ceremony wilder than the VMAs, MTV Movie Awards and the BAFTAs combined.

The first category up was…. *drum roll please* ‘Book Nerd of the Year’!

We kicked the night off by asking what made you geekier than Harriet Manners O.G. Geek Girl herself:

Some pretty good reasons, if we do say so ourselves.

The clear winner of the category though was our favourite booktube lady, Sanne from booksandquills!

We were so happy, and so was Sanne!

Up next was ‘Debut of the Year’ and we’re still confused how you managed to vote for a winner because all 5 of the nominees are beyond incredible.

The lucky #1 spot went to Alwyn Hamilton’s ‘Rebel of the Sands‘ – and her readers were ecstatic:

Pipping the likes of Cassandra Clare to the finish post, V.E. Schwab had no words when she found out she’d won ‘Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book of the Year’:

But we’re hardly surprised she won with such an incredible book, and neither is this guy:

Next up was the long-awaited ‘Diverse Book of the Year’ category. We warmed you up by asking just why we need diverse books in YA:

And diversity is something the winner of the category, Rainbow Rowell, does excellently! Brb while we continue to gush over the awesomeness that is ‘Carry On‘.

We were so ready to see which of our ‘Feminist Book of the Year’ nominees would be destroying the patriarchy today and were thrilled to announce ‘And I Darken’ as the winner.

Turns out Lada is too busy to thank you herself though because, well, SPOILERS.

Almost at the end of the announcements, with two categories left, we moved swiftly on to announcing the ‘Cover of the Year’ and it’s true – ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ has officially stolen all of our hearts. The beauty. The grace. We’re in loveeee.

It took a long while to get to this gorgeous cover though. Have you seen what it looked like before?

Nominee Non Pratt had a few words to say as well:


And we’re sorry for keeping you up, Kiran!

Last but by no means least, it was the big category… the one we’d all been waiting for…. ‘Book of the Year’. But who would take our ultimate YA crown?

Morning Star‘ didn’t win but this guy certainly thinks it should’ve done!

It actually turned out to be….. hold the suspense…. ‘When We Collided‘ by Emery Lord!

Not only did Emery shed us all with the highest of compliments (legit):

But then to top it all off, Bloomsbury got hella cute on us too:

What do you think? Did all your faves win or were they peeped to the post? Let us know in the comments if you love our winners as much as we do.

And remember you can find loads of gorgeous authors and bookish types in our Snapchat Directory: there’s Sanne booksandquills and Alwyn Hamilton to name but a few.

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