16 things only uni students who have moved back home will understand

Whether you’re moving back home for the foreseeable future, or just for the summer, you’ll have experienced most of these uni student woes, if not all of them. It’s a difficult and emotional transition to go through, even if it doesn’t always seem like it on the surface. We’re here for you, guys — we can get through this.

1. Going to the toilet with the door open is no longer chill


2. You don’t have to religiously label food goods with your name — hallelujah

3. Wrinkly prune fingers from washing up is a thing of the past, because your parents have got a dishwasher, baby!

4. Your best, lifelong friends who know you inside out are now hundreds of miles away across the country


5. You’ve got to resort to feeling like a teenager again, because your independence has been stripped away once again

6. You’ll hear ‘Whilst you’re living under my roof yadi yadi ya’ an awful lot and it’ll start to make you cringe

7. Having to ask parents if it’s alright to go out and be back at 4am has become a reinstigated rule


8. You actually have to start contributing to the household now and not just doss about

9. Turns out that means pay days from your horrendously mundane part time job can’t just go on fun day trips, drinking and extending your wardrobe anymore — you actually have to put money towards food, yawn

10. Bringing your stuff home and having nowhere to put it in your cramped room, because, tbh, you don’t need an airer or pots and pans in your room


11. Watching TV on an actual TV

12. Cereal for dinner is no longer an option, no matter how much you actually sometimes enjoyed it


13. Hangovers on a weekday are near impossible…

14. Because that’s not how you do #adulting right… Or is it?

15. And that’s another thing, you actually have to do the #adulting thing


16. But don’t worry, we reckon all adults are just pretending to know what they’re doing anyway.


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