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The UK’s most loved Disney movies, music and TV shows, say what?

You all know about DisneyLife right? You’ve all signed up for a subscription? Good, because our entire life is DisneyLife and we aren’t complaining.


Ever wondered what Disney films, songs or books are most popular in your area? Well we’ve got some more really awesome news for you. Digital entertainment service DisneyLife revealed a magical heatmap of the UK, showing the entertainment that audiences across the country are enjoying on the DisneyLife app since it launched in November. How cool is that?


For example, London is loving Sleeping Beauty (the capital’s most watched movie), Cardiff is enjoying Monsters Inc. (same) and Newcastle gets the honour of being twinned with the Pride Lands from The Lion King. We think it’s a great new feature.

Check it out and let us know what’s most popular in your area at @maximumpop.

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