Morgan Matson is the queen of summer and she’s sharing her summer essentials!

The queen of summer is here to brighten up our dreary English attempt at summer with her summer essentials. Be warned: you’ll want to flee to somewhere beautiful and sunny IMMEDIATELY.

summer olaf

Summer is my favorite season. I like autumn, with the shorter days, and the chill in the air; winter, when I can put on cosy sweaters and huddle under blankets with a great book; and spring, when the whole world seems to be waking up again. Those seasons are all great, but as far as I’m concerned, nothing beats summer. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year, and the part of the year I always look forward to. Especially in winter, when the days are so short and it gets dark so early, I just think about June and July – long, sunny days just around the corner.

summer letters

That being said, there are some absolute essentials for summer that I need to have every year.  These are my summer must-haves, and it doesn’t quite feel like summer without them.

  1. Hang out by some water.

pool party

I’m not picky about what kind of water – but it’s not summer without this. Every summer needs to have some time spent by a pool, lake, or beach (or all three!) to feel complete.  It just doesn’t feel like summer without this! You need to pack a great beach read and too many magazines in a tote bag, along with sunblock and sunglasses, and hang out in the sun, taking a dip into the water when it gets too hot out – and repeat, until the sun starts to go down.

2. Go to the beach


Technically, this is also part of #1, but I felt it deserved its own category, since it really doesn’t feel like summer to me until I’ve made a beach trip (or three or four).  I love spending time at the beach, and it doesn’t feel like summer has begun until I can hear the sound of the waves. It not a true summer until you put your feet in the sand, and get some salt water in your hair.

3. Go hear some live music


This is one of my summer absolute musts. I love seeing live music, but there’s something about doing it in the summer that makes it that much more fun – it’s so much better to be outside hearing one of your favorite bands, than inside.  It just adds to the summer experience. Whether this is an all-day music festival, or just a concert to see one of your faves, it doesn’t feel like summer without it. And if you can add in a little road trip to get to the concert, even better! Which leads to…

4. Take a road trip

road trip

It doesn’t have to be far! But the summer isn’t complete for me without packing up some great road trip snacks, making a new playlist, and hit the road with a friend – or solo! Sometimes solo road trips are the best road trips. But listen to some great music, eat some snacks, and see somewhere you’ve never been before. It’ll make your summer that much more fun.

5. Ice cream

ice cream

ESSENTIAL for summer. I like to have ice cream (or sorbet, or gelato, or frozen custard) in the summer a few times a week – or, let’s be honest, sometimes once a day. I feel that you have to make up for all those winter months when you’re not having ice cream. And honestly, is there anything better than walking around on a hot day, with either a dripping cone or a cup full of ice cream-y goodness? No. No, there isn’t.

6. A new summer outfit


I love buying something new at the start of every summer. Sometimes, it’s a new summer dress, or a new skirt that seems perfect for long, hot days. But I always like to get something at the beginning of summer that I can imagine taking me through all kinds of summer adventures.  Sometimes I’m wrong, and what I end up wearing all summer is a dress or top that I end up buying on a whim at a little flea market, or on an online blowout sale.  But I love having one article of clothing that represents that summer to me – so if I see it in my closet in November, I’ll get immediate flashbacks to the summer that was.

7. Fresh pair of flip-flops

flip flops

Equally important as a new summer outfit. I tend to live in my flip-flops, and wear them out, so there’s nothing better than buying a fresh pair at the start of the summer. As soon as I cut the tags off and step into them, it feels like summer has begun.  And I just like to imagine all the places my new flip flops will take me – beaches, road trips, long walks with my dog, maybe a trip or two.

8. Outdoor movie

drive in

Just like summer concerts, I love seeing outdoor movies. Where I live, in Los Angeles, there are always lots of them throughout the summer – movies on big screens outside, or at drive-in movie theaters. (I love a good drive-in, and there was a reason I made sure to include a drive-in in ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’!) There’s just something magical about seeing a movie, which is normally only an indoor activity, outside, under the stars.

9. Have an adventure

adventure hobbit

This can be anything –but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a summer essential.  Maybe it’s just exploring a part of your town that you’ve never been. Maybe it’s falling in love. Maybe it’s having a day with your best friend, with no agenda, just seeing where the day takes you. Maybe it’s a road trip, or a concert, or queuing in line to see the big summer movie on opening night. Your summer adventure can be anything – but it needs to be something so that when someone asks you how your summer was, you can smile and tell the story.

I hope you have the best summer yet!!

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