‘Second Chance Summer’: author Morgan Matson tells us about her best summer EVER

The summer is an obvious highlight of the year, especially when you’re still at school and have at least 2 months to spend whatever way you want. It’s the time of beach romances, road trips with the radio up loud, hanging out with your friends all night – a collection of adventures and mishaps squeezed in before September rolls around again.

‘Second Chance Summer’, Morgan Matson’s feels-fest of a novel, is definitely a novel you need to pick up if you need any inspiration on how to spend a summer, or if you just want instant summer vibes. It tells the story of Taylor, who goes back to her family’s lake house for one last summer together, where she is confronted by the past, an old (and still totally mad) best friend, and her first boyfriend – who’s grown up good.

Seeing as Morgan Matson is like an expert on all things summer, we thought to ask her what her own favourite summer has been. Here’s what she had to say:

Choosing this was a tough one! I feel like all summers have their moments (maybe with the exception of the one I spent taking Maths classes between sophomore and junior year of college. Maths = not my strong suit, so I figured I could take all my requirements in the summer and my grades wouldn’t be affected. NOT the best summer ever). But aside from that one, I’ve found every summer has awesome moments that I’d want to return to.

But one summer that stands out was the summer I was seventeen. I was heading off to college in the fall, which was scary and exciting all at the same time. All my friends were around for the summer, which was rare and awesome – usually, we all scattered to do different things during the summer. And I was home, which I never was in the summer. 

Maybe because it was the year before I was starting college, but there was a real sense of freedom to that summer. I had a series of jobs I didn’t care much about (working the fuel dock of a yacht club didn’t last long when I kept falling into the water or letting really expensive boats accidentally, um, drift away). But then I started working with one of my best friends, which was awesome, since we were basically getting paid to hang out.

I’d work with my friend during the day, hang out with my friends at night, sleep in whenever possible, hit the beach at every opportunity. There were road trips to attend concerts, lots of parties…and of course, there were summer boys! :)

Even though there wasn’t some huge dramatic event that defined that summer, when I write my summer books, that’s one I always think about. How it was the last summer before we all scattered for college, the last one where we were all together as a group of friends, the last summer I was living at home. The freedom and ease of it. And also, just how much fun I had. If I could go back and re-live one summer, it would be that one for sure!

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Written by Laura Fulton

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