22 things you’ll only understand if you’re a mood reader

Not all of us can be cool headed when it comes to books. Things like planning the TBR, choosing what to read next, or even which books to buy can be a real problem for those of us who identify as ‘mood readers’.


Here are 22 things that you’ll only understand if you’re at the mercy of your mood when it comes to books…

1. The #TBR. The big one. Because no matter how good your intentions are…

Your roundup will probably look like this by the end of the month…

giphy (18)

2. And that’s not because you don’t WANT to read. It’s because you have to FEEL like it.


3. Set texts are a blessing and a curse. Because if you HAVE to read something for a class or whatever, it just might be enough motivation to go ahead and do it.


4. There are no “set texts” in life though. So once you’re out of school your reading life is doomed.


5. And that book that you bought, justifying that it was because you want to read it straight away… it’s still sitting on your bedside table. Admit it.


6. You are NetGalley’s worst nightmare.


7. Your Kindle is full of part-read books. So much so that you can’t actually remember when you actually read the first twelve pages of ‘Ulysses’… and did you really open up that John Green book at last? *shrugs* Maybe.


8. Your friends will rec you a book… and then follow up on it. But you won’t have read it. Ever. You will though, you promise.

i promise

9. The words “I just don’t know what I’m in the mood to read”. Every day.

i dont know

10. Moving your hands over your TBR in the hopes that one of the books will “speak” to you. Because you’re obvs a book psychic too. (And this method totally works)


11. Reading slumps hit you harder. Like a smack in the face.


12. The mood reading doesn’t simply finish at the actual reading part. If you’re a blogger you might not wanna write about that book now, either. You’re done with it. Gawd. Why revisit it all over again?

i don't want to

13. Melancholy and woe.


14. Wanting to read a Christmas book in July.


15. Being angry at Amazon for not recommending ANYTHING that you could EVER be in the mood for right now.


16. Being angry at your Goodreads friends for all their reading happiness and joy and joyness. How DARE they be almost done with their challenge already?


17. You’ve already started a bajillion books this week. But you just can’t find that sweet spot. The one that makes you go ‘yeeeeahhhh’. The one that feels right.


18. You borrow books from the library… but send them back without having read them. And feel hella guilty because of it.


19. Readathons are like an ongoing joke for you. You sign up, but who are you kidding? You’ll tap out by chapter 3. If you even make it to chapter 1…


20. That book that you’ve been super stoked about since the first time it was mentioned is finally released. And you’ve bought it. But… wait… now you don’t wanna read it. Damn.


21. You live in the constant fear that maybe, just maybe, you’ll never be in the mood to read a book ever again.


22. Your friends actually won’t let you borrow a book from them anymore. Not because you’ll mistreat it, but because you’ll return it with a fine layer of dust on it.

giphy (19)

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