MP!er Emily reviews the ‘shocking’ ‘Monster’ by SJ Skuse.

We were completely sucked into CJ Skuse’s wintry world in ‘Monster’ – and spent far too long turning pages when we really should have gone to bed. Tense, twisted and our #1 choice for duvet day reading this autumn, we think you all need a copy of CJ Skuse’s fab novel.

Emily applied through our You Review section on the site and scored herself a free copy in exchange for this honest review.

EmilyName: Emily Hale

Have you read any of CJ Skuse’s books before? If not, will you be more likely to after reading ‘Monster’? No I have not read any other books by this author but I do plan to after having read this book.

What did you think of the title? It is mysterious just like the story inside. It was an amazing Halloween read.

How much did this book shock you? This book was very shocking with all its plot twists that you just didn’t expect.

Monster jacketAs for the scare-factor, can you rate it out of 10, and why? 8. It was the end with most of the scares.

Favourite scene? It’s not necessarily a scene but I loved all the little Harry Potter links. Potterhead and proud!

Rate this book out of 10. 9. It has made me want to reread Harry Potter now for the billionth time!!!!

Get your copy of ‘Monster’ on Amazon for £7.99.

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