MP!er Jenna didn’t want to put down CJ Skuse’s ‘Monster’ from start to finish.

We were completely sucked into CJ Skuse’s wintry world in ‘Monster’ – and spent far too long turning pages when we really should have gone to bed. Tense, twisted and our #1 choice for duvet day reading this autumn, we think you all need a copy of CJ Skuse’s fab novel.

Jenna applied through our You Review section on the site and scored herself a free copy in exchange for this honest review.

JennaName: Jenna
Age: 30

Have you read any of CJ Skuse’s books before? If not, will you be more likely to after reading ‘Monster’? No I haven’t read any of CJ Skuse’s books before but I will definitely be reading all her previous work now.

What did you think of the title? I think the title is simple yet describes the book well without giving anything away. It tells people exactly what to expect.

How much did this book shock you? The book did shock me a little as it did a great job of describing what was happening in detail.

As for the scare-factor, can you rate it out of 10, and why? I’d give it an 8 out of 10 as I think some moments especially near the end are quite scary.

Monster jacketFavourite scene? My favourite scene was Nash and Maggie on the roof as this is where they really bonded which was very important for what happened later in the book.

Rate this book out of 10. 9 out of 10. A really thrilling story which I didn’t want to put down from start to finish.

Get your copy of ‘Monster’ on Amazon for £7.99.

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