Download Or Ditch: MK1 ‘Let Go’

It’s time for another Download Or Ditch! We put the power in your hands and you take on the role of Simon Cowell or Cheryl Cole or Tom Jones (or whichever TV Talent Show judge you’d like to emulate) and tell us whether a certain track is a must have or best left on the shelf.

MK1 are in the firing line in our latest Download Or Ditch! Remember when everyone was going crazy for those rapping songs with amazing choruses like ‘Aeroplanes’ or ‘Love the Way You Lie’? Well imagine a band that can make amazing songs like those in every song they release. That’s exactly what MK1 can do.

You may remember the urban pop duo from their stint on The X Factor last year and they have returned in an attempt to conquer the charts with their debut single ‘Let Go’. But is ‘Let Go’ the thrill ride you’ve been seeking or is it just a polite term for breaking wind?

Charlie and Sim explained that the track is about “letting go of all insecurities, worries and negativity and living life to the fullest”. We guess that clears up our “breaking wind” query.

‘Let Go’ has MK1 written all over it with it’s mixture of hip hop and mainstream pop and is bursting with energy. It has a real party feel to it and has some tongue-in-cheek rhymes that will leave you with a smirk on your face.

What do you think of ‘Let Go’? To quote Tulisa, have MK1 returned to their “urban roots” and reinforced the belief that they should have gone further on the TV talent show? Or do you think the track is more N-Dudz than N-Dubz?

Results: You loved it! You really loved it! MK1’s ‘Let Go’ won this Download Or Ditch with 80% of the overall vote deciding to go get it. Congrats Charlie and Sim!

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