Misha B’s ‘Here’s To Everything’ Video – a sneak peek. POP BITS.

POP BITS. We know you love Misha B. We know you love top secret things. So pop on your shades and stick-on moustaches as we take you undercover for a sneak peek at Misha B’s “Here’s To Everything” video.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill “sitting down in front of a green screen with a wind machine beside me” job.  Over 500 paint powder bombs were used to create some stunning visuals.  The ‘Do You Think Of Me’ singer also had to spend 12 hours dancing on a water covered floor with 5 specially trained gymnastic dancers .  She also heated things up with a pyrotechnics display and had four firemen on standby in case anything went wrong.  It sounds like there will be more action in this 4 minute music video than the whole 143 minutes of ‘Skyfall’. POP BITS OUT.


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